27 October 2008


Volvo teams up with Orrefors to work on new concept car

27 October 2008 | Volvo Cars has teamed up with world-famous Swedish glassworks Orrefors to work on the company's next concept car, which will be a first taste of the next-generation Volvo S60. The joint creation, a floating centre stack of hand-made Orrefors crystal, will be shown for the first time at the Detroit international motor show in January 2009.

In the concept car, the graceful, crystal-clear centre stack forms a gentle, calm wave from the instrument panel all the way to the rear seat backrest. The crystal panel appears to float above the centre console's functions and controls. It rests softly on rubber pads and with the help of invisible light sources the crystal's shimmering glow can be tailored to match the driver's mood.


The experts at Orrefors were keen to take on the challenge and the result is one of the most unusual and labour-intensive objects in the company's 110-year history. Producing the stack was a challenge - even for the experienced experts at Orrefors. Traditionally, the moulds for the crystal are first chiselled by hand from thick planks of alder wood. After casting, the glass is carefully polished to produce its final, crystal-clear lustre.

In order to meet the relevant strength standards, the finished piece consists of three sections joined together at the Volvo Cars concept car workshops. Although the material in the centre stack radiates uninhibited artistic freedom, the functions that are integrated have been thought through in detail.

  • Beside the driver's seat, the crystal console cuts straight through the instrument panel and its upper section forms a navigation screen at the precise height of the driver's instrument dials.
  • At the bottom, the four iconic rotating controls protrude from matt-polished recesses in the glass panel. In the middle there is a removable remote control.
  • The gear selector has a versatile new shape. In the horizontal position it offers drive in automatic mode. If the driver is in the mood for sporty manual gearchanges, the lever can be flipped up into the vertical position. Beside the gear selector there is also a starter button and parking brake.
  • The centre console runs all the way to the rear seat backrest, and under the crystal panel between the individual seats there are two drinks holders that slide elegantly forward when required.
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