26 September 2008
Volkswagen Scirocco

Volkswagen Scirocco

KW tunes Volkswagen Scirocco with new suspension

26 September 2008 | The new Volkswagen Scirocco gets sportier through KW automotive's suspension programme. They offer now a spring set that lowers the coupé by 20 mm. Those who prefer complete solutions for their Scirocco are able to choose from three KW coilover suspension types. KW coilover variant V1 is available in versions 'basic' and stainless steel 'inox-line'. Variants V2 and V3 are available as 'inox-line' exclusively. All three variants permit a customised lowering between 15 and 45 mm.

The KW spring set for the Scirocco is available with immediate effect, the coilovers will be obtainable around end of October 2008. All KW products are shipped with TÜV parts certificate.

Volkswagen Scirocco

Coilover suspension V1 with preset damper setting permits customised lowering of the suspension. Damping variant V2 is meant for sporty drivers, who also wish to make modifications in the set-up to achieve a more customised lowering of the suspension. Thanks to the adjustable rebound damping, it is possible to adapt the driving comfort to suit the driver's personal taste.

With its separately adjustable compression and rebound dampening, coilover suspension V3 permits a higher degree of customisation to the suspension and provides the solution for those truly technically demanding drivers.

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