Publication date: 29 May 2022
Volkswagen ID.5

Volkswagen ID.5

Volkswagen in shape

Review - Volkswagen is on a roll! The Volkswagen ID.was is the first German electric car for the general public. That success was quickly reinforced by the ID.4. And now the ID.5 follows. Like the ID.4, the ID.5 is a mid-size SUV with electric drive, but with the roofline of a coupé. What does the ID.5 have to offer beyond its looks?

Distinctive looks, that's what it's all about. Sports Utility Vehicles were once bought to be different from the masses. However, by now the SUVs are the best selling cars and so variants appear to stand out. "Premium" brands have been offering SUVs with the roofline of a coupé for some time now. This trend is now making its way to volume brands, including Volkswagen.

Volkswagen ID.5

The ID.5 is largely identical to the ID.4. Both cars sit on the same platform, have the same wheelbase and share the same technology. The difference is in the looks. The most striking is the roofline. The ID.5 has the flowing lines of a coupé, while the ID.4 is angular like an off-roader. But there is more! The front is also drawn slightly differently. In addition, details like the colour of the door sills differ to make the difference between a robust family car (ID.4) and the more fashionable ID.5.

Because the roofline of the ID.5 is slightly lower than that of the ID.4, the back seat is slightly lower, so the space in the back remains the same. And that means plenty of head and legroom, so that four adults sit comfortably in the ID.5. Although the interior space and the furnishing of the ID.4 and ID.5 are the same, the chosen equipment level makes a big difference. For this test three cars were driven and the difference in seats and upholstery can create a completely different atmosphere.

Volkswagen ID.5
Volkswagen ID.5

The boot of the ID.5 measures 549 litres (1,561 litres with the rear seats folded down). That is almost equal to the ID.4 and excellent for a car this size. This above-average space is thanks to the platform, which was especially designed for electric propulsion. Therefore the ID.5 (like the ID.4) offers considerably more interior space than similar cars with combustion engines.


And that concludes the differences between the Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5! The equipment, drive and technology are identical. However, the ID.5 is the first to receive Volkswagen's latest software. At the time of writing this is version 3.0. Do note that  the new software will soon be available on all other ID models.

Volkswagen is still very cocky by placing only a small screen on the steering column, which is very easy to read thanks to its logical layout. The ID.5 also has a head-up display. As usual with a head-up display, data is shown in the driver's field of vision. However, Volkswagen goes a step further by showing these at exactly the right place in the landscape, so that for example arrows from the sat nav seem to float in a corner. With this approach Volkswagen is not unique, but it is an exception within the volume brands.

Volkswagen ID.5


With most brands the coué-SUV has a sportier handling than the standard SUV it is derived from. At first it seems like Volkswagen only did half a job by putting the ID.5 on exactly the same suspension as the ID.4. However: both models are available as "GTX" which is a sporty version that does offer different handling thanks to a unique chassis setup.

The standard ID.5 has a good-natured character. Thanks to the raised edges of the bonnet, the bodywork is easy to oversee and the driver experiences the car as large and wide. The batteries in the floor create a low and central point of gravity, making the ID.5 stable and quick to regain balance after a quick turn. Volkswagen hasn't opted for a hard or soft suspension and the steering isn't direct or indirect either. A compromise has been found, making the car easy and relaxing to drive.

Volkswagen ID.5

When choosing the GTX, a sporty undertone is added. The GTX is certainly not a sporty car like a Volkswagen GTI, but thanks to a slightly different tuning of the suspension the driver has a little more feeling with the mechanics. The steering is a little more direct, which makes the car react more quickly to input and even makes it seem smaller and lighter.

Driving electrically

At the time of writing, the ID.5 is always equipped with a 77 kWh battery, but there is a choice of 174 hp, 204 hp or 299 hp electric motors. The 204 hp version only powers the rear wheels and is smooth, strong, supple and particularly quiet. By nature, an electric car is already quieter than a car with an internal combustion engine, but thanks to the favourable aerodynamics and good sound insulation, the ID.5 is even quieter than the average electric SUV.

Volkswagen ID.5

On a simple course (back roads through mountains and valleys in Austria) under favourable weather conditions the ID.5 PRO achieved a test consumption of 17.2 kWh / 100 km. This allowed for a range of 450 km on a full battery (theoretical range according to WLTP: 516 km).

The ID.5 GTX is equipped with two electric motors (four-wheel drive) and is not only noticeably more powerful, but also more eager. The reaction to the throttle is more vicious and in the end the GTX bites harder. Even without constantly pushing the limits, the GTX offers more driving pleasure.

This driving pleasure does require more energy, namely 18 kWh / 100 km on the same route as driven with the ID.5 PRO. Thanks to version 3.0 of the software, the navigation system can now automatically plan charging stops along the route. In addition, the car communicates a unique serial number to the charging station, which makes it possible to pay based on this serial number and makes the charging card unnecessary.

Volkswagen ID.5


What does the Volkswagen ID.5 have to offer more than the ID.4 other than its flowing roofline? Nothing! Both cars are based on the same platform, use the same technology, have the same suspension with the same tuning, offer the same equipment and offer the same interior space. The latter is thanks to a slightly lower rear seat, which compensates for the lower roofline.

So it looks like Volkswagen has made an easy job of it. However: there was already a lot of difference with the various equipment in seats, colours and finish. Besides, there was already a standard version and a sporty GTX. Other brands would only offer the sporty version in the coupé but Volkswagen chose to offer it in the ID.4 as well. In short: the ID.5 is all about looks and because Volkswagen is in such good shape, it can now also offer this extra tasty variant.

  • Spacious and practical
  • Quick and emission free
  • Long range, fast recharging
  • Hardly any difference from ID.4
  • Only really complete with options
  • No high quality audio system available