Publication date: 25 February 2021
Vauxhall Mokka-e

Vauxhall Mokka-e

Tasty treat

Review - When one car succeeds another, it is usually a new interpretation of an existing concept. The car gets better in every way, but in essence it remains the same car. Vauxhall, however, takes a different approach with the new Mokka. The Mokka is no longer an SUV or even a family car. So what is the second generation of the Mokka?

What the new Mokka is, is a "crossover". A crossover is lower than an SUV, but higher than a typical passenger car. With this, Vauxhall can continue to serve customers who appreciate easy entry and a good overview of traffic, but do not immediately need an SUV to do so. However well Vauxhall intended with the previous Mokka, demand for versions with four-wheel drive and off-road capabilities was low.

Vauxhall Mokka-e

On top of that, Vauxhall already has a real family car in its range with the "Crossland X". That paved the way to make the new Mokka a real fun car! Therefore, it opted for distinct design, taking inspiration from important models from the distant past and concept cars of recent times (notably the Vauxhall GT X). From the CD (later known as "Bitter") the flowing lines were copied. From the Manta the headlights and logos encased together in a dark strip. This so-called "Vizor" debuts in the Mokka, but will also reappear in other new Vauxhalls.

Equipment and space

It is not only with the exterior that Vauxhall takes a new path, the interior also breathes a completely different atmosphere. The dashboard is built around the driver. Behind the steering wheel is a display that, with a small interruption, continues into a screen on the dashboard ("Pure panel", in marketing terms). The number of buttons is therefore small, but Vauxhall does not go so far as to do away with all buttons. Frequently used functions can still be operated with physical buttons.

Vauxhall Mokka-e
Vauxhall Mokka-e

The equipment of the "Ultimate" version driven here is rich, modern and complete. However, the sound of the audio system leaves something to be desired. Some frequencies are much more prominent than others, making the sound cluttered and tiresome. During testing, the connection to an iPhone while using Apple CarPlay (wired) regularly failed.

Space in the front is fine, but in the rear it is noticeable that appearance went before functionality. With a tall driver in the front, very little passenger space remains in the back. As a family car, the Crossland X therefore remains Vauxhall's better offering. Despite the emphasis on design, the Mokka's visibility is fine.

Electric car

For the Mokka's engines, Vauxhall takes the same approach as for the other models. Besides petrol and diesel, electric drive is a third option. Vauxhall explicitly does not opt for a separate electric model, but wants to make electric driving as common as the choice of petrol or diesel. Regardless of the chosen engine, the Mokka therefore looks (almost) the same.

Vauxhall Mokka-e

The electric-powered "Mokka-e" is expected to be the most popular version, which is why it was tested first. The powertrain of the electric Mokka is similar to that of all other Vauxhalls and consists of a 50 kWh battery with a 136 hp / 260 Nm electric motor. Charging can be done at a fast charger 100 kW (0 to 80% in 30 minutes). For charging at a public charge point, Vauxhall supplies the Mokka with a choice of a 1 or 3 phase charger. For those who cannot charge at home, and thus do not start every journey with a full battery, the 3-stage (11 kW) charger is a sensible option. For those who charge at home, and so time is not an issue, the 1 phase (7.4 kW) charger is sufficient

According to a measurement according to the WLTP standard, the Mokka can travel 324 km without recharging. With this, Vauxhall chooses a middle ground between two extremes. Some brands opt for a minimal battery to keep the price down and maximise driving pleasure. The luxury brands opt for a large battery for long range and crushing performance. In practice, a range of 300 km is more than enough to travel without range anxiety and arrive with the necessary reserve for peace of mind. During the test drive in winter conditions, and with a wanton driving style, 250 km could be covered on a full battery (consumption: 18 kWh / 100 km).

Vauxhall Mokka-e

To make the threshold to electric driving as low as possible, Vauxhall gives the electric powertrain the character of a traditional petrol engine. The Mokka-e therefore responds to the power pedal smoothly and willingly, but not with as much venom and supremacy as other electric cars. Up to around 90 km/h, the Mokka-e is extremely eager. Above that speed, it is noticeable that the power is "used up" and sprint speed decreases slightly.

When releasing the accelerator, the Mokka-e recovers energy, but not nearly as much as other electric cars. As a result, the Mokka-e behaves like a conventional car. Single-pedal driving is almost impossible as a result, which is something that makes electric driving especially attractive to some.

Vauxhall Mokka-e


The Mokka uses the same platform as the Vauxhall Corsa and also shares much of the technology under the skin. To compensate for the higher build, however, the Mokka is longer and wider, so the proportions are roughly the same. Moreover: thanks to the batteries in the floor, the centre of gravity of the electric-powered Mokka is extra low.

As with the lower Vauxhall Corsa, the Mokka's handling is therefore stable and confidence-inspiring. The electric drive makes the Mokka-e comfortable and even soothing. With a smooth driving style, despite the substantial weight of the batteries, the Mokka-e feels light and even dynamic.

However, driving the Mokka-e is not exciting. And that is at odds with its promising looks. With the familiar Corsa and the practical Crossland in the range, Vauxhall has room for a car with more pronounced handling. According to Vauxhall, the average buyer doesn't need that. Therefore, what the Mokka offers is all the familiar Vauxhall, but in an extra tasty package.

Vauxhall Mokka-e


Vauxhall wants to bring more flavour to life with the second generation of the Mokka. No longer an off-road vehicle, the Mokka is instead a fun car where innovation and design are key.

The innovation comes from the ergonomics (Pure Panel, mobile app) and the electric drive. As an electric car, the Mokka is smoother, quieter, more comfortable and also much more economical to run than a similar car with conventional drive. To lower the barrier to electric driving, Vauxhall has given the Mokka-e a tamer character than its promising exterior suggests. With a range of 300 km, Vauxhall has struck a successful balance between price and practicality. Therefore, carefree driving is possible and the extra price for the electric version is quickly recouped.

Its design not only sets the Mokka apart from the competition. The Mokka also introduces an entirely new style that will define all future Vauxhall models. Thus, the Mokka is a tasty treat!

  • Distinctive design
  • Quick, comfortable and emission-free
  • Very low cost per kilometre (Mokka-e only)
  • Driving with 1 pedal is not possible
  • Unbalanced, woolly sound audio system
  • Awkward entry / moderate space in rear