5 January 2010

Toyota Etios

Toyota unveils Etios

5 January 2010 - Toyota announces its production and sales subsidiary in India unveiled today—under the banner: "World First, India First concept version of the Etios", a compact car newly developed specifically for the Indian market. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private, Ltd. (TKM) is showing the concept car at the 10th Auto Expo automobile show in New Delhi, which runs until January 11.

The Etios is aimed at family users in India's rapidly growing automobile market. Reflecting its 'one class above' theme, the Etios' styling evokes a sense of advanced status, and, along with a spacious interior with abundant storage space, it aims to offer both smooth and powerful driving and excellent fuel efficiency. To make the car as affordable as possible for potential customers, thorough use of local parts will be pursued to keep costs low. On display at the show are a sedan version with a newly developed 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a hatchback version with a newly developed 1.2-liter gasoline engine.


Etios chief engineer, Yoshinori Noritake, said at the show: "I visited many Indian cities and homes to learn the market and to hear from the consumer directly. Over four years, more than 2,000 engineers have been involved in the development of the Etios, and each has devoted his or her best effort with no compromises. I am convinced in my heart that the Etios offers joy of ownership and quality of life to consumers in India".


TKM will produce the Etios from late 2010 at its second plant, which is now being built expressly for the new car. Annual sales in India are set at 70,000 units. Exports are planned.


At the show, the TKM exhibit, with its key message of 'Quality Revolution', comprises a total of 14 production and concept vehicles, including the third-generation 'Prius' gasoline-electric hybrid passenger car, which is scheduled to go on sale in India in 2010, the 'Prado' SUV recently unveiled for the Indian market, the 'i-REAL' personal mobility vehicle and the 'Fine-S' fuel-cell hybrid vehicle.