9 April 2020
Toyota Avensis (2003 - 2008)

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, date: 9 May 2010

Experience with Avensis : I had no problems with my Avensis and couldn't praise it enough for about 18 mts, then it refused to start unless with a fair rev on engine and would cut out when driving.
Garage fixed, lasted 10 days and same again. It was checked on computer and no problem showed up. Fixed again and 1week later same again. I am not very happy with it at present but if this problem was solved I would still count them a brilliant car.

Experience with service (White label garage): Dealer always does a perfect job and when recent problems took a lot of time he went easy on the hours.

Derivative2.0 D4D
Year of build2004
Owned for2 years
Mileage71.000 km


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