29 June 2008

Subaru Tribeca

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle tunes new Subaru Tribeca

29 June 2008 | The Subaru Tribeca continues its successful run with a facelift. Owners of the Japanese 4x4 seeking individuality down to the last detail will find an extensive customization program at Cobra Technology & Lifestyle.

As for many other vehicles Cobra Technology & Lifestyle has developed a custom-tailored front guard for the new Tribeca whose sophisticated design ensures that it meets the stringent EG guideline 2005/66/EG for pedestrian protection. The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle front guard is manufactured from high-gloss stainless steel with a tube diameter of 60 millimeters. Its flexible mounts allow it to yield under impact and thus to meet the guidelines for pedestrian protection. The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle front guard comes with an EG operating certificate that eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming amendments of the vehicle's technical documentation.

Subaru Tribeca

For easier entering and exiting of the vehicle and to protect the SUV's sides, Cobra Technology & Lifestyle offers rocker panel guards. The stainless-steel guards have a tube diameter of 80 millimeters and feature integrated plastic steps. In addition Cobra Technology & Lifestyle changes the rear bumper with two high-gloss stainless-steel guards that are mounted to the right and left side of the bumper.

The special looks of the customized Subaru Tribeca is in large part due to custom-tailored Cobra Technology & Lifestyle light-alloy wheels. The Cobra Sahara 8.5Jx20 multi-spoke wheels fill out the available space below the wheel arches.

Subaru Tribeca