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, date: 5 August 2011

Experience with Yeti: Fuel economy of 110bhp 2.0 tdi is not what it should be. Maybe underpowered and 140 bhp engine would be a better match for the car. Could do with 6th gear for motorway cruise, won't get better than 40mpg at 70mph where competition is well in the 50's. Get the 1.6 tdi for economy or look out for higher powered 2.0 (rare).
Comfort and feel of car is fantastic, feels like a more expensive vw group product. Love the higher position and airiness of the cabin. Even 2wd can get around a bumpy field with ease although don't get tempted to try it in serious mud! Very practical and spacious, better than any equivalent hatchback, the crossover class has its benefits.

Derivative2.0 Tdi
Year of build2010
Owned for1 years
Mileage17.000 km


, date: 15 March 2010

Experience with Yeti: Just do it.

Derivative2.0 Tdi 170bhp
Year of build2010
Owned for1 years
Mileage6.000 km

Response from: Stu-b, date: 4 April 2010

Antwoord: ordered the SE 110bhp 2.0 l TDI in may!

Response from: Desmo, date: 22 May 2010

Antwoord: I just had a 3 hour test ride here in New Zealand. I back to backed it with a new Subaru Foreseter. Both were the diesel versions with the Yeti having the 140HP diesel.
The extra torque of the Subaru is notocable and the suspension is certainly more plush. However, the Yeti has a classier feel and better options. The Yeti feels more 'lively' and although a bit bumpier on road due to the shorter wheelbase and firmer suspension: it can be quite comfortable and civilised if driven that way.
The seat is more comfy in the Yeti and frankly: it has a huge dollop of character the Subaru doesn't have. For me to buy the Subaru it would have to be 15-20% cheaper: it isn't.
With some negotiation to go: I would be happy to be driving my own Yeti on and off road in a couple of months.


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