Publication date: 1 March 2024
First impression


Chain reaction

First impression - Skoda has been successful with the mid-size Scala. This is thanks to the combination of a low price and high functionality. The price is due to the use of parent company (Volkswagen) parts. The space is due to Skoda's clever design. To build on its success, after the Scala, Skoda introduced the Kamiq: a mid-size SUV based on the Scala. And now that the Scala has been modernised for model year 2024, the Kamiq automatically hitchhikes on that.

Under the skin, the Scala and the Kamiq are the same cars, the difference is in the bodywork. And for the 2024 model year, that difference has been increased. The grille has become taller, got a different pattern and is placed more upright to give the Kamiq a tougher look. The test car is a so-called "Monte Carlo" version and it can be recognised by black accents (instead of chrome).


Because the headlights now use LED technology as standard, they could be made smaller and slimmer to give the Kamiq a vicious look. At the same time, the streamline around the lower bumper has been improved, partly to compensate for the less aerodynamic grille.


When taking a seat behind the steering wheel, it is noticeable that while the Kamiq is taller than a hatchback. Yet, it does not have the powerful feel that comes with an SUV. On the other hand, the bonnet is clearly visible from the steering wheel and the crease in the middle of the bonnet even suggests that there is a huge engine in the front. Therefore, the Kamiq does give an SUV sensation, but in its own way.


The space in the front is good. The space in the rear is far above average for a car of this size. To make the most of the space, Skoda also generously provides nets, hooks, a double floor and more. For the test car, we added a "hammock" in the boot to separate delicate items from the rest of the luggage. The luggage compartment light is removable and can serve as a torch outside the car. It's all "Simply clever".


The Kamiq was already available with a digital dashboard. This will be standard for all versions from model year 2024 onwards. Instead of analogue clocks, every Kamiq will now have a display behind the steering wheel. The layout can be adjusted to suit the situation. For example, more emphasis can be placed on navigation in the city or on speed and fuel consumption on the motorway. Almost all functions are operated via the central display. Thanks to a logical arrangement of the menus, operation is easy.

On the safety front, the Kamiq expands with LED matrix light. This allows driving with high beam at all times, because as soon as an oncoming car approaches, only part of the beam is dimmed to avoid blinding other road users. As this is becoming mandatory by the European Union, the Kamiq now warns of any carelessness. Fortunately, the audible warning is modest, making it less irritating than other brands. As with other brands, the camera regularly reads signs for turns and parallel roads and then wrongly warns of driver error.



The Kamiq is available with a turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder. For the 2024 model year, it has been refined in all respects, which is why Skoda refers to it as a new version of an existing engine. Power is 115 hp / 200 Nm and this is transferred to the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed automatic. Although the engine has to work noticeably slightly harder than in the lower and thus more streamlined Scala, performance is still more than adequate. On the other hand, the Kamiq's sound insulation is actually better, so the Kamiq was still perceived as more comfortable.

The dual-clutch automatic does its job as it should: imperceptibly. Note that the automatic has higher consumption (test consumption: 6.1 litres per 100 km) than the manual transmission version. With the technology used, with a double clutch, this is usually the other way round.

Driving characteristics

A lot of Chinese cars have been tested recently. The test drive with the Kamiq makes it clear how big the difference is between those newcomers and a brand that has decades of experience in the European market. The feeling in the Kamiq's steering is excellent, giving the car a lot of confidence from the first moment. Although the Kamiq is taller and therefore less stable than the Scala, its handling is still excellent in absolute terms.



Volkswagen, Skoda's parent company, has revamped its technology. The Skoda Scala benefits, and the Scala-derived Kamiq in turn benefits. The 1.0 TSI engine runs a little better, the equipment has become a little richer and the safety level has been raised slightly.

What has remained is the concept. This compact SUV has been stripped of all the technology needed for off-roading, which benefits handling. Thanks to its good base and tall build, the Kamiq offers a lot of space within modest exterior dimensions. Thanks to sharing a platform as well as sharing technology, the Kamiq has a competitive price. Thus, all the innovations for model year 2024 make the Kamiq an even wiser choice.

  • Spacious and practical
  • Smooth, powerful 1.0 TSI engine
  • Fine steering, good roadholding
  • Annoying (but mandatory) safety devices