16 October 2008
Seat Ibiza SC

Seat Ibiza SC

JE Design tunes Seat Ibiza SC

16 October 2008 | Just as JE Design put the finishing touches on the new Seat Ibiza 5-door right after its introduction, the tuning specialist now tunes new 3-door Seat Ibiza SportsCoupé, which just came onto the market. The 3-door, like the 5-door, has its own program.

Anyone who is looking for a more individualised, sportier appearance might find the right body kit with JE Design. The kit includes a front spoiler, a sport radiator grill, headlight eyebrows for a 'mean look', side skirts that make for a powerful profile, a roof edge spoiler and a rear apron attachment with a carbon look that makes for a visual balance to the other parts. All parts are available for the practical Seat Ibiza 5-door and for the 3-door Seat Ibiza SportsCoupé.

Seat Ibiza SC

The red Ibiza 5-door (see images), also comes with LSD wing door fittings, which now make the front doors open upwards, providing for quite a show whenever the driver or the passenger gets in or out. On top of that, the rear is adorned with a centre-mounted trapezoidal tailpipe made of stainless steel. The roof and parts of the front end are covered with matt black acrylic sheets with a 'Bocanegra look'.

For a combination with the original shock absorbers, the low sports suspension springs offer more agility, making the new Ibiza 35 mm lower (available for 3- and 5-door models; used on the blue Ibiza Sports Coupé, see images). This suspension system also alters the appearance; the small-sized Seat prowls even lower and more forbiddingly over the asphalt. Anyone looking for something sportier will find it in the KW coil-over suspension made of stainless steel (used in the red Ibiza 5-door), which makes it up to 65 mm lower.

Seat Ibiza SC

Changing the wheels is a fundamental part of tuning a vehicle. JE Design, as part of its Ibiza program, offers the 'Multispoke' wheel design in the form of complete wheel sets. JE Design offers these sets in either 7'x17' ET 35 or 7.5'x18' ET 35 with tyres 215/40 R17 or 215/35 R 18. The customer has an additional choice between "shadow silver" or 'black matt / lip silver' finish.

A performance enhancement for the 1.9 TDI to 130 hp is available immediately. This allows the little Spaniard to race at a proud speed of 198 km/h (series: 186 km/h) and to accelerate in 10.0 seconds (series: 11.1 sec.) from 0 to 100 km/h. In addition, the drive is improved significantly at low and middle rpm ranges through increased torque.

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