Publication date: 24 September 2023
Renault Kangoo

Renault Kangoo

A short introduction to a long Kangoo

Review - It doesn't seem like big news: the Renault Kangoo now also comes with an extended wheelbase. Yet Renault promises that there is much more to report than just 42 cm extra length. The Kangoo is also said to have become smarter. That's a good reason for a test drive!

The arrival of an extended Kangoo (known internally as "L2", for "length 2") is not surprising news as the previous generation was also available with long wheelbase. As before, the extra length benefits the cargo space entirely. Thus, this van now approaches the space of a bus: the long Kangoo offers 4.9 m3 of cargo space against 5 m3 for a standard Trafic. However, this is measured "creatively". While the Trafic has a uniform cargo space, the Kangoo has to rely on tricks.

Renault Kangoo


The standard Kangoo is available with a "sesame"door, in which the B-pillar is integrated into the side door, creating a huge loading opening. However, this is not possible with a long wheelbase (the car would "sag"), so another clever invention was chosen. The extended Kangoo is available with a rear bench that folds easily and then forms a partition between the cabin and the cargo area. This requires only two operations and the whole thing feels stable and safe (the rear bench has seatbelts and fair legroom).

Renault Kangoo
Renault Kangoo

As with the standard Kangoo, it is possible to fold up the front seat and/or store stuff under it (including the charging cables). The test car is fitted with an "inside imperial". Metal loops hang from the ceiling of the cargo space in which, for example, planks can be placed. The ceiling between the front seats is lowered so that the entire length from the rear doors to the windscreen can be used. Also very thoughtful: the longer Kangoo also has longer side doors, making loading and unloading easier.

Although the extended Kangoo approaches the space of a bus like the Trafic, the maximum load weight is much lower. For instance, two euro pallets theoretically fit in the Kangoo, but may only be filled with light cargo like flowers. The long Kangoo is therefore mainly for parcel delivery and was even developed in consultation with postal services from several countries!


When it comes to equipment, it is clear that the Kangoo has only been on the market for a short time, as the infotainment and safety features are modern and complete. During the test, the (optional) virtual interior mirror was found to be very pleasant. As a commercial vehicle usually has no windows, the location of the interior mirror features a screen that displays images from the rear camera. In addition, the Kangoo has big wing mirrors, so that the bodywork is easy to survey.

Renault Kangoo

Electric car

Like the standard Kangoo, this extended version is also available as an electric car. The powertrain comes from the much smaller Zoe, which suggests that the performance and/or range of this large Kangoo will be limited. Yet during the test drive, a range of 290 km was recorded and performance is more than adequate. Moreover, the powertrain remains a marvel next to a traditional diesel engine. The Kangoo Electric sets off effortlessly, after which acceleration is not interrupted by shifting gears (an electric car generally has 1 gear).

To reduce consumption and make driving easier, three steps can be selected to determine how much speed is reduced when releasing the accelerator while recovering energy. At maximum "recuperation", as this process is called, the brake hardly needs to be used and in most cases it is possible to drive with one pedal. Partly for this reason, the test consumption with 2 people and 150 kg of cargo on board came to a neat 17.2 kW / 100 km.

Renault Kangoo

Recharging can be done with 7.4 kW at a simple home charger, expect 6 hours of charging time to get from 10 to 100%. At a public charging point, charging can be done with 11 or 22 kW (depending on the chosen version) and the charging time halves. Fast charging can be done with up to 80 kW.

Driving characteristics

In practice, little or nothing is noticeable of the long wheelbase. Especially when loaded, the Kangoo has a forgiving character with an emphasis on comfort. While the larger Trafic approaches the driving characteristics of a passenger car, the Kangoo actually has them. That means more manoeuvrability, better visibility and easier driving.

Renault Kangoo


What does the Kangoo with extended wheelbase have to offer over the standard version? More cargo space and, above all, very cleverly divisible space. With the (optional) folding rear seat, the Kangoo transforms in no time from a 4-seater with a large cargo space into a 2-seater with a huge cargo space. In the latter case, it approaches the space of a medium van, while the driving characteristics are significantly better.

Because the Kangoo is recent, its equipment and safety features are modern and complete. Electric propulsion, apart from reducing running costs, also provides more convenience and comfort for the driver.

  • Drives like an ordinary car
  • Lower costs and more comfort with electric drive
  • Large load compartment, which can also be cleverly divided up
  • Passenger seat not adjustable