8 September 2008
Porsche Cayenne (2002 - 2010)

Porsche Cayenne (2002 - 2010)

Porsche Cayenne S entering the market in Transsyberia style

8 September 2008 | Porsche is honouring the success of the Cayenne model series through the introduction of a new, special model, the Cayenne S Transsyberia entering the market in early 2009.

The term 'Transsyberia' stands for the intercontinental rally from Moscow to the Mongolian Capital of Ulan Bator about 7,200 kilometres (4,460 miles) away. In 2006 a Porsche Cayenne for the first time won this highly demanding orientation and off-road rally. Then, entering the competition model for the Transsyberia Rally in 2007, Porsche again proved the competitiveness of a production-based Cayenne S in heavy terrain, finishing the rally first, second and third. And now, just a few weeks ago, the rally vehicle optimised to an even higher standard not only scored its third overall victory in the Transsyberia Rally, but even clinched all leading positions from 1 - 6.

Porsche Cayenne (2002 - 2010)

Motivated by this series of success, Porsche is now for the first time presenting the new Cayenne S Transsyberia for road and off-road use at the Paris Motor Show (4 - 19 October 2008). Like the extra-robust rally model, the road-going version is also based on the Cayenne S with its 4.8-litre V8 naturally-aspirated power unit featuring highly economical and efficient Direct Fuel Injection. The big difference, however, is that the new Transsyberia comes with the high-performance power unit carried over from the Cayenne GTS, developing 405 bhp (298 kW) at 6,500 rpm and maximum torque of 500 Newton-metres (369 lb-ft) at 3,500 rpm.

In conjunction with the final drive likewise carried over from the GTS but shortened by 15 per cent to 4.1:1, the Cayenne S Transsyberia offers a higher level of performance. With the six-speed manual gearbox featured as standard, acceleration to 100 km/h comes in 6.1 seconds, another 0.5 seconds faster than the Cayenne S.

Porsche Cayenne (2002 - 2010)

The modifications of the drivetrain have an even greater effect on the vehicle's acceleration in gears of particular significance under everyday driving conditions and in racing: the Cayenne S Transsyberia with manual gearbox completes the interim sprint from 80 - 120 km/h in fifth gear in 6.6 seconds, a substantial two seconds faster than the Cayenne S. In its top speed, in turn, the Cayenne S Transsyberia is just as fast as the GTS, reaching a maximum of 253 km/h or 158 mph. And it almost goes without saying that six-speed Tiptronic S automatic transmission is available as an option.

With the exception of the Meteor Grey Metallic/Crystal Silver Metallic colour combination, the 18-inch Cayenne S II wheels come in each case in a contrasting colour, as do the side plates on the air intake grid, the 'Cayenne S Transsyberia' model designation applied as a no-cost option at the side, the exterior mirror housings and the upper part of the extended roof spoiler with its double wing profile fixed in position. The offroad roof headlights so characteristic of the competition model are likewise available as a no-cost option and are placed in the vehicle upon delivery, since in Germany, at least, such headlights on the roof are not homologated for use on public roads.

Porsche Cayenne (2002 - 2010)

The Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia comes as standard with air suspension including PASM Porsche Active Suspension Management for electronic adjustment of the damper system: As a function of driving conditions and the driver's personal style of motoring, PASM actively and continuously adjusts damper forces, also reducing body dive in the process.

Self-levelling ensures consistent ride height at all times, while at the same time enabling the driver to vary ground clearance as a function of current requirements. PTM Porsche Traction Management distributes engine torque actively, depending on driving conditions, between the front and rear axle. In the basic mode 62 per cent of the engine's power goes to the rear wheels, 38 per cent to the front.

Porsche Cayenne (2002 - 2010)

A fully controlled longitudinal lock varies the distribution of drive power as a function of driving conditions and may be locked 100 per cent if necessary. As soon as the driver activates the low-gear ratio likewise featured as standard, the vehicle automatically switches to the offroad mode on ABS and the automatic brake differential, and sets the air suspension to offroad ground clearance.

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