21 February 2019
Peugeot 508 SW (2010 - 2018)

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, date: 18 September 2015

Experience with the car: Watch out 508 SW owners. Rear tyres worn out at 28,000 kms due to suspension out of adjustment (I suspect not set correctly from new). Tyres severely worn from the outside edge inwards.

Following a 4 wheel alignment check, camber and tracking is out on 3 of the 4 wheels. Basically all pointing in different directions and different camber angles. Local dealer cannot help as warranty will not pay for adjustments and they do not have the equipment to do it. Suspension not worn or damaged and alloys not scratched, also no eggs in sidewalls.

Peugeot warranty not prepared to pay a penny towards the £500 rectification cost. I have never had this problem with any car in 40 years. Car booked in at a non-Peugeot body shop for laser alignment and adjustment. Never owned a car with sensitive suspension before.

Experience with onderhoud (unknown dealer): Check tyre tread depth every 1000 kms

Derivative1.9D Allure
Year of build2014
Owned for1 years
Mileage29.000 km


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