Publication date: 6 March 2024
Peugeot 3008

Peugeot 3008

From spacious to stylish

Review - The 3008 is Peugeot's most popular model. That success is due to the model's continuous evolution. The 3008 began as a quirky mix of a spacious car and an off-road vehicle. The next generation was a modern SUV. For the new generation, Peugeot readapted the concept, opting for even more modern technology combined with fashionable design. A successful combination?

The third generation of the Peugeot 3008 is not a pure SUV, but a hybrid of a "crossover" and a "fastback". A crossover is a tall passenger car with off-road vehicle influences. A fastback is a smooth-lined car where the rear window is relatively flat for a sporty look and low drag.

Peugeot 3008

Besides a new basic shape, Peugeot also opted for a new style. In doing so, the aim was to make the lines so modern that the 3008 retains a modern look for a long time. All this is complemented by special details. For example, the grille features a sophisticated pattern that fans out from the logo. The traditional chrome has been replaced by black shades, because according to Peugeot, shiny elements are out of date. Note that the interplay of lines only comes into its own in the blue car shown here. Unfortunately, all the other "colours" on the price list are black, grey and white, which is almost an insult to the designers.

Space: iCockpit 2.0

Peugeot owes its current success partly to the so-called "iCockpit". That consists of a relatively small steering wheel, making it easy for the driver to look over it. This is why the clocks are not found behind the steering wheel, but on top of the steering column and thus in the driver's field of vision. For the all-new generation, Peugeot wanted to make better use of advanced technology and at the same time give the 3008 a more inviting character, like a living room on wheels.

Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 3008

That inviting character comes from, among other things, the materials used and the lighting. The pattern of the grille is reflected in the dashboard, adjusting its colour according to the driving mode selected. Very nice!

Although the 3008 is not strictly speaking an SUV, the seating is distinctly high, even with the driver's seat in the lowest position. The "sports car feel" that other Peugeots give thanks to the iCockpit is therefore minimal in the 3008. Because the driver's seat height adjustment is limited, taller drivers are left with little headroom. Space in the rear is adequate for adults, but only thanks to the deep seat, the notch at the rear of the front seats and the cutaway in the roof.


The advanced technology promised comes from a slightly curved display that extends from the left to halfway up the dashboard. Only the right half is a touch-screen, which is easier accessible in practice than a centrally placed display. Despite the increased amount of information, the new iCockpit is not perceived as busier or cluttered. Very clever are the "iToggles": a row of freely configurable virtual buttons in the middle of the dashboard, which can be used to quickly call up frequently used functions.

In addition to the standard audio, communication and navigation system, Peugeot offers a smart voice-activated assistant that can be activated by saying "Okay Peugeot". Simple commands related to navigation and climate are handled in the car itself. More complex questions are passed on to ChatGPT, OpenAI's omniscient artificial intelligence system. ChatGPT's answers are then filtered by Peugeot. Therefore, the system will not respond to "malicious" commands. Even to the question "which car is better than a Peugeot?", the Peugeot-filtered version of ChatGPT gives a censored answer.

Because European law requires it from 2024, the 3008 is fitted with all sorts of safety features that alert the driver to any carelessness. Fortunately, these systems are relatively easy to disable, although when the car is restarted they are all active again (required by law).

Peugeot 3008

Designed from the battery

As before, the 3008 is available with a petrol, hybrid and electric engine. Unlike the previous generation, the electric version ("e-3008") takes centre stage. Therefore, the 3008's design was based on the battery and a car was developed around it. The aim here was to make as much space as possible for the battery to maximise its range. And Peugeot more than succeeded in this, because despite its modest exterior dimensions, the e-3008 is available with a 73 kWh or even 98 kWh battery. These are values only recorded by large sedans or huge off-road vehicles up to now!

However, at the time of test driving, only the 73 kWh battery is available. Its cells come from China's BYD because French manufacturer ACC is not yet ready for production. Preheating the battery on the way to a charging station for extra fast charging is not yet possible, but has been announced. A heat pump is standard only in northern European countries. Another pity: despite the batteries in the floor and the electric motor between the wheels, Peugeot does not offer extra storage space under the bonnet ("frunk").

Peugeot 3008

At the time of writing, only one electric motor is available: a 210 hp / 343 Nm one that powers the front wheels. To achieve low energy consumption (and thus a long range), Peugeot opts for a modest response to the accelerator. The e-3008 is never fast or aggressive, but nevertheless always performs with ease. Levers behind the steering wheel can be used to control how strongly the e-3008 decreases speed when releasing the throttle and thus how much energy is recovered. This effect is much greater than in older Peugeot electric cars and has been deemed a great improvement by Autozine.

Thanks to its favourable streamline, clever tyre choice and better energy recovery, the e-3008 is very economical both in theory and in practice. On a route through the countryside around Nice, France, it was able to achieve consumption of 15.7 kWh per 100 km. That low consumption gives an actual range of 410 km (factory specification: 512 km). That sounds very nice, but bear in mind that many people rarely travel such a long distance without a stopover. However, the large battery makes the e-3008 expensive to purchase and adds weight every trip, while its maximum capacity will rarely be used. Peugeot argues, however, that the e-2008 is meant for shorter distances and this e-3008 for longer journeys.

Peugeot 3008


For the 3008, Peugeot has not only changed the layout of the iCockpit. The steering has become even more direct. An even smaller flick of the wrist is enough to steer a corner, and when a small action has a big consequence, it automatically gives a superior feeling.

Thanks to the strong platform and relatively firm suspension, uneven road surfaces are clearly felt. This provides a better feel with the engineering, while filtering out the "sharp edges" enough to maintain comfort. On long distances, the high stability and hence the quietness of the cabin is striking.

Peugeot 3008


For many brands, a new car merely means a new interpretation of an existing concept. The idea remains the same, but the technology and design are modernised. Peugeot, on the other hand, even changes the concept of the 3008! What started as a werid mix evolved through a modern SUV into a stylish family car. Space has always been central, but increasingly Peugeot is putting the emphasis on style.

However, the 3008 offers more than just a pretty face. Previously, a combustion engine was the norm, while the new 3008 is designed as an electric car. Compared to a similar combustion engine car, the e-3008 offers more comfort at a lower price per mile, while the range is the same. Compared to other electric cars, although the e-3008 has a tame character, its fuel consumption is very low, its range is long and its handling is refined.

What remains is the iCockpit. It provides a unique character. It provides better control of the car and engages the driver more.

  • Distinctive design
  • Superior feel thanks to iCockpit
  • Low energy consumption / long range
  • Space in rear sufficient, but not much
  • Driver's seat not sufficiently height-adjustable (too high)
  • Many dull colours on the price list, while the lines only look good in blue