20 October 2020
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, date: 11 January 2011

Experience with Pixo: It's the cheapest, most economical, cheapest new car available, you really can't go wrong. I bought mine to replace my C Class, had a major need to save money. If I compare it to the C Class, well, it's a million miles away but if I judge it for what it is, I repeat, you can't go wrong!

Experience with service (official dealership): Not yet had the car serviced.

Year of build2010
Owned for1 years
Mileage1.560 km


, date: 22 November 2009

Experience with Pixo: Perserverance is required to get the basic spec model without paying extra for metalic colours.

Experience with service (official dealership): No work carried out yet. But intend to use an independant Nissan dealer.

Year of build2009
Owned for1 years
Mileage2.000 km

Response from: Tony. Hodson, date: 9 September 2011

Antwoord: A great car for the money. It did take 3000 mls of old fashoned running in to get the engine to spin freely and produce good MPG figures. Only two niggling problems: A washer pipe blew of (easy diy fix). The second on going is a noisey engine mounting now on second one which is also starting to develope the same noise as the one it replaced. Nissans response to this problem not very encouraging which is a shame as it spoils a very good car.


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