15 April 2009

Micro Trucks

Veloce publishes Tiny Utility Vehicles From Around The World

15 April 2009 - "Tiny Utility Vehicles From Around The World" is a brand new book by lifelong car enthusiast Norm Mort and is the first to fill this unusual niche. Norm has owned a 1922 Vauxhall and 1949 Allard, amongst others. His first micro car was a 1957 Berkeley S328, and he currently owns a 1935 Morgan F2, 1958 FriskySport, and 1967 Reliant Regal.

Published by Veloce at £14.99 in paperback and containing 100 colour pictures, this unique 96-page book describes in loving detail previously unknown production micro trucks. Featured are rare Iso utility vehicles and Topolino Fiat vans, as well as more common production micro trucks from Autobianchi, Moto Guzzi, Vespa Ape, New Map Solyto and Diahatsu.

Old brochures printed by numerous micro car builders depict various truck versions: in the case of Iso, everything from hook (crane) and ladder to vans to pickups were featured, but few, if any, examples were thought to have been built beyond the prototype stage. However, Trucks – Tiny Utility Vehicles From Around The World is the first book dedicated to micro trucks and reveals actual production models even keen enthusiasts would never know existed.

The interest and fascination these novel vehicles generate have made tiny cars and trucks significant collectibles over the past decade, and yet information on micro trucks previously has been almost non-existent. Trucks – Tiny Utility Vehicles From Around The World brings them all together for the first time and presents them with a passion that only a lifetimes fascination for these distinctive vehicles can generate.

Norm Mort began publishing feature articles on collector cars over two decades ago, and his freelance columns and feature stories have since appeared in magazines and newspapers across North America and Britain. Currently, Norm is a senior columnist for Canada's Old Autos newspaper, and Canadian Auction Analyst, and feature writer for Sports Car Market magazine in the US. He also owns and operates a collector vehicle appraisal company. Norm Mort commented: "For micro car enthusiasts wanting to expand their collection this volume includes the more commonly available micro trucks from Autobianchi, Vespa and Diahatsu along with helpful hints on restoration".