11 October 2009


Greenchoice forze wins after big spectacle

11 October 2009 - Greenchoice Forze won the first Italian Grand Prix for hydrogen racing karts in Turin. The team managed to repair the kart quickly and claim victory after crashing into the barriers. The race was part of the Eco-Efficiency Biennial 2009, an exposition of sustainable technology with a focus on mobility and design.

The Grand Prix consisted of a sprint race and a main race. Greenchoice Forze won the second place in the sprint race on Saturday. The most important part of the GP however was the main race on Sunday. During the second qualification for this race, the driver Andrew Hagens lost control of the kart after hitting the barriers. A steering rod broke, causing the kart to spin off the track. The driver was unharmed, but the front of the kart was devastated. The first qualification time was fortunately fast enough, allowing Greenchoice Forze to start the finals anyway.

The kart had to be fixed in 15 minutes, making participating in the finals virtually impossible. Good teamwork was the reason Greenchoice Forze managed to replace the front suspension and the bumper, and get the kart in race condition within the time limit.

In the finals the student team from Delft put down a fast time. The Spanish team was not able to improve this time, so Greenchoice Forze claimed victory of the GP. The students from Delft were honored by various dignitaries like the Dutch consul in Turin, mr Áccornero. Besides the consul also the vice-president of the provence of Piemonte, mr Peveraro, the alderman of infrastructure of the provence Piemonte, mr Bairati and the alderman of sports of the city of Turin, mr Sbriglio were very praiseful about the hydrogen racing team Greenchoice Forze.

The Greenchoice Forze kart has a top speed of 120 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5 seconds. The constant power of 8 kW (11hp) to drive the two electric motor is delivered by a fuel cell. The only waste product is pure water.

Thanks to the opportunity to regenerate and store braking energy, the kart has a boostpower of 37 hp. The kart has two separate electric motors driving the rear wheels with various speed, resulting in an electronic differential.

The kart uses advanced electronics to control all systems and to guarantee safety. Furthermore, for the bodywork flax fibers are used in combination with a bioresin developed by DSM.

Greenchoice Forze consists of approximately 50 students from various fields of study of the Technical University Delft. The team of students developed a kart that uses fuel cell technology to operate. By using sustainable energy to race, the team wants to develop sustainable technologies and present this in an attractive way. The team is officially the first hydrogen racing team in the world and won the first ever hydrogen race in the centre of Rotterdam in August 2008. Next to racing, the team also gives presentations and demonstrations as has been done on the last Jet-Net & Universum Career Day in the Convention Factory in Amsterdam.