16 September 2010


World fuel economy driving champions retire

16 September 2010 - Helen and John Taylor are known as 'The World's Most Fuel Efficient Couple', with more than 60 years experience between them in breaking World and National Fuel Economy Driving Records. The Taylor's have successfully been running education programmes around the world, educating governments, fleets, media and the general public on how to save fuel, save money, reduce CO2 emissions, drive smarter, drive safer, hence the reason for starting the 'Eco2Driving' Record Breaking business.

The Taylors have organized dozens of World Record and National Record Drives in various locations around the World. As well as obtaining corporate sponsorship, their portfolio has included recruiting team members, route planning, media releases, tv/radio/newspaper interviews, and numerous associated tasks. The Taylors have written Fuel Economy Event/Record Rules and Regulations for some of the best known record books, motoring authorities, tyre companies and fuel companies.

The Taylors believe in offering the opportunity to everyone with a driving license to participate on their own soil and global stage in striving to reach the highest levels of fuel efficiency, passing their knowledge onto their colleagues, families and friends, so everyone can truly work together in reducing CO2 emissions.

The Taylors drove 'Round The World' covering 29,717 km's in 78 days, smashing the World Fuel Economy Record, in addition to generating 1.8 billion media hits, educating the World on how to save money and fuel.

Longest Drive on a standard tank, covering 2,348.3 km's from Melbourne to Rockhampton Australia in their Peugeot 406 HDi. Round Australia, covering this 14,580 km drive in their Peugeot 308 HDi, averaging 3.13 L/100 km. Round Britain, covering this 5,954 km coastal road route drive in their Peugeot 308 HDi, averaging 2.23 L/100 km. Round USA, covering all 48 Contiguous US States 15,294 km route, averaging 3.46 L/100 km, in their VW Jetta TDi. Longest Drive on a standard tank MPV seven seater, covering 1,724 km's from Graz Austria to Brussels Belgium in their Chrysler Voyager 2.5 Turbo Diesel.

For the first time ever all category driving records will be recognised. Records created and broken using hybrids, electric, solar, eco-marathon, LPG, CNG, hydrogen, petrol and diesel propelled vehicles. All successful Records broken will be commemorated with an Eco2Driving Official Certificate and participants will be permitted free of charge in their own country to use data from these Records in their advertising, marketing and PR campaigns.

Eco2Driving have signed up leading fuel scientists, mechanical engineers, police officers as part of their independent Expert Adjudication Panel. The Taylors dream is to reduce CO2 global emissions by 10%. You can be part of this dream, as well as enhancing the environment you will be breaking fuel economy Records, driving safer, saving money, saving fuel and reducing vehicle maintenance costs. To register for your own countries National or World Fuel Efficiency Driving Records, please log onto Eco2driving.com