16 June 2022

Dacia launches AR app

16 June 2022 - As of this morning, Dacia vehicles, alongside all websites and advertising across Europe, now proudly display the brand's new visual identity. Today, customers can already discover and specify their desired Dacia models. In October at the Mondial de l'Auto in Paris, they will be able to physically see what the vehicles look like for the first time, followed soon after at their local Dacia dealership.

Till then, Dacia has proven its ingenuity with the launch of an augmented reality app for smartphones and tablets. Dacia AR, designed to be simple, fun and modern allows people to see vehicles up to 1:1 scale and to even view from the inside. With Dacia AR, customers can place the vehicle in any chosen real-world environment, such as in a garage, car park, on the street or in the great outdoors. They can get up close, move around and zoom in on a specific detail.

Dacia AR provides dealerships with an additional and entirely new way of presenting vehicles. Dacia AR will prove particularly useful when a salesperson wishes to show a prospective customer a model that does not happen to be available in the showroom yet. Dacia AR includes all models in every single colour.

With the arrival of the new visual identity, Media Nav and Media Display are getting their own upgrade with free updates for the navigation map for the first three years (compared to three months previously).

Lastly, Dacia is revamping the names of its various trims. The range becomes:

  • Essential for the most affordable versions
  • Expression, for the mid-range
  • Journey, for models with the most equipment

These new names are true to Dacia's DNA, which always offers the best value for money, no matter what trim you choose.

Dacia AR is free and available on the App Store and Google Play and requires nothing more than a smartphone or tablet.