23 January 2009


Carlsson tunes Mercedes-Benz SL

23 January 2009 - Carlsson, the automobile manufacturer specialised on Mercedes Benz models, alters the eight-cylinder from the SL with significantly more performance. Although the cubic capacity with 6,208 cc has not been changed, the refined power engine renders up to 600 hp (441 kW) instead of the serial 525 hp (386 kW) with the AMG. Also the maximum torque rises from 630 Newton metres at 5,200 rpm to 705 at 5,100 rpm. With the Carlsson tuning, the sprint from zero to a hundred only takes 4.1 seconds and is therefore half a second faster than the AMG-model. The acceleration is electronically limited at 325 km/h instead of 250 km/h.

In order to convey the power of the engine to the road, an extensive aerodynamic kit presses the CK63 RS onto the road. The air which is aspirated at the car front flows out through specially formed outlets at the car wings. Front apron and rear diffuser are made of polyurethane (PU) and are refined with carbon fibre elements which direct the air-flows for the best possible road grip.

Mercedes-Benz SL (2001 - 2012)

Moreover, the best road holding is guaranteed by the electronic lowering kit C-Tronic suspension by Carlsson combined with the ABC-sports running gear by AMG. This enables to lower the roadster up to 30 millimetres. The high-performance brake system takes over the negative acceleration. At the front axle, 6-piston callipers carve into the 398x36 millimetre carbon composite brake discs. At the rear axle, two 4-piston callipers grab the 330x35 millimetre brake discs and stop the forged Carlsson 1/16 Ultra Light wheels sized 9.5x20 inches at the front and 11x20 inches at the back within the shortest time.

As far as the last centimetres to the road are concerned, Carlsson chose the high- performance Dunlop SP SportMaxx with 255/30 ZR20 at the front- and 305/25 ZR20 at the rear axle.

Mercedes-Benz SL (2001 - 2012)

Even when the CK63 RS is parked, it stands out with its varnish called 'Stealth Titanium Graphite'. The co-operation between the Mercedes-Benz tuner Carlsson and the expert for varnishes, Standox from Wuppertal, has led to a special result. Normally matt varnishes reach a degree of 20 to 25 gloss units, but the particular colour which has been especially developed for Carlsson, only has five gloss units.

Apart from alterations for the varnish, engine and running gear, Carlsson also equipped the CK63 RS with a new interior. The seat sides, the inner lining of the doors and the cockpit hood scoop are made of charcoal-coloured ultra suede. The light ornamental seam renders a contrast on these component parts. The soft velour car mats and the headrests are adorned with the prancing Carlsson horse. The driver enters the cock-pit by opening the gull-wing RS doors and by stepping over the door sill protectors with the illuminated manufacturer logo.

Mercedes-Benz SL (2001 - 2012)

The new model is offered for 272,500 euros including V.A.T.