5 April 2023

Mercedes-Benz GLS

Mercedes-Benz renews GLS for modelyear 2023

5 April 2023 - Hot on the heels of the facelift of the GLE and GLE Coupé, the Mercedesâ€'Benz GLS, Mercedesâ€'Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC and Mercedesâ€'AMG GLS 63 4MATIC+ are now also appearing in updated form. A number of design, technology and equipment changes take the comfort, connectivity and ambience of the large SUV model to the new year. With their generous exterior dimensions, the SUV models offer interior space for up to seven occupants in three seat rows. The upgraded Mercedesâ€'Benz GLS will arrive in the European dealerships from the end of October 2023; in the USA, the market launch will start in mid September.

The latest Mercedesâ€'Benz GLS models can be recognised by the more striking radiator grille. The four louvres are galvanised in Silver Shadow. The bumper is also visually more prominent. It features integrated air inlet grilles, combined with a surround in high-gloss black. The large simulated underguard (standard equipment) has also been redesigned. The eye-catcher at the rear is the interior of the lights with three horizontal blocks. A new 20-inch multi-spoke light-alloy wheel in Himalayas grey with a high-sheen finish has been added to the range of wheels.

Mercedes-Benz GLS

As before, the Mercedesâ€'Benz GLS is a seven-seater as standard. With Catalana beige and Bahia brown, two new leather colours are available. The range of interior trim finishes has also been revised. Glossy brown lime wood is now standard. The trim element MANUFAKTUR glossy black flowing lines piano lacquer, previously reserved for the Mercedesâ€'Maybach GLS 600 4MATIC, is now also available for the GLS family from Mercedesâ€'Benz. The louvres of the centre and side air vents are galvanised in Silver Shadow, another detail that will be familiar from the Mercedesâ€'Maybach GLS.

Most drivers of a GLS only travel on paved roads or in easy to moderately difficult off-road terrain. Mercedesâ€'Benz has therefore recompiled the scope of the Off-Road Engineering package. Components include an underride guard and 30 millimetres more ground clearance.

The updated generation of the infotainment system MBUX brings with it a new look for the displays. The displays can be individualised with the help of three different styles (classic, sporty, discreet) and three modes (Navigation, Assistance, Service). With "classic" the driver is opting for the tried and test two-tube design with all the familiar content between the two round displays. "Sporty" is dominated by the colour red, with a dynamic design for the central rev counter. In "discreet" style, the content is reduced to what is essential. In addition, both displays can be shown in seven colour schemes in conjunction with the ambient lighting. The result is an impressive colour experience in the interior. The central display offers all the same content as hitherto and can be operated directly and conveniently as a touchscreen.

The "Off-Road Mode" in the current MBUX generation turns special content such as gradient, lateral inclination, compass and steering angle into a visual experience. Thanks to the standard Parking Package with 360â€'degree camera, it offers the "transparent bonnet" function. When the Offroad mode is active, the central display shows a virtual view under the front of the vehicle. The view is composed of the images from the 360°camera. With the "transparent bonnet", obstacles such as large stones or deep potholes on the route ahead can be better recognised.

All-wheel drive and a gear ratio designed for pulling power allow a high trailer load of up to 3.5 tonnes and a tongue weight of up to 140 kg. The trailer coupling has two additional bolts on the ball neck on which a suitable bicycle carrier can be supported. Its load capacity is 100 kg; this means that eâ€'bikes can also be transported.

Helpful additional features for use when towing include Trailer Manoeuvring Assist, the updated Trailer menu in the central display and the Trailer route planner. This can be used to find optimised routes when travelling with a trailer.