14 March 2023

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Mercedes-Benz introduces new GLC Coupe

14 March 2023 - Mercedes-Benz introduces the new GLC Coupe. As the sporty sibling of the GLC SUV, it rounds off the best-selling Mercedes-Benz series of vehicles. All models are equipped with electric drive technology, either as a plug-in hybrid with an all-electric range suitable for everyday needs or as a mild hybrid with 48-volt technology and an integrated starter-generator for an extra boost and energy recuperation. And the new GLC Coupé is at home on almost any terrain. The sports suspension is standard. The optional 4.5° rear axle steering makes the vehicle more manoeuvrable. It is offered in the Technology package along with AIRMATIC air suspension. Off the road, the Coupé scores with numerous features such as 4MATIC all-wheel drive and purely electric off-road driving in the plug-in models. The off-road screen and the "transparent bonnet" as an element of the 360° camera enhance the comfort of the driving experience.

In its aerodynamically most favourable configuration, the minimal drag coefficient of the GLC Coupé is as low as Cd = 0.27. This makes it three hundredths better than its predecessor (Cd = 0.30) The developers optimised the vehicle with respect to aerodynamic drag and wind noise with the help of extensive digital flow simulations (CFD - computational fluid dynamics) as well as tests in the aeroacoustic wind tunnel.

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

The new GLC Coupé is a relatively quiet vehicle with a serene sound signature and low rolling and wind noise. This is achieved with acoustic optimisation of the bodyshell and sophisticated sound insulation. An acoustic membrane in the windscreen is standard equipment. The optionally available, acoustically effective thermal insulation glass meets higher comfort expectations. A new optional extra for the GLC Coupé is a panoramic sunroof. It offers a significantly increased opening area: 6 cm longer than the new GLC SUV. In case of strong sunshine, the sunroof can be covered with a roller blind (fitted as standard).

The hardware and software of the latest generation of the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system offer better user-friendliness. The two LCD screens present information. The full-screen navigation gives the driver route guidance. MBUX Augmented Reality for navigation is available as an option. A camera registers the surroundings in front of the vehicle. The central display shows the moving images and also superimposes virtual objects, information and markers. These include traffic signs, directional arrows, lane-change recommendations and house numbers.

The Hey Mercedes voice assistant is increasingly effective in responding to natural language and user preferences. Music streaming services can be seamlessly integrated into MBUX, including personal settings1, allowing customers to enjoy a personalised music experience in the vehicle. Additional information is provided by the audio Tourguide, which is part of the "MBUX Voice Assistant" from Mercedes me. In response to the voice command "Hey Mercedes, start Tourguide", the MBUX infotainment system reads out information about points of interest along the route. The system responds to the approximately 3,400 brown signs along German motorways. The MBUX Smart Home function allows customers on the road in the new GLC Coupé to access smart home systems, for example to monitor and adjust temperatures, lighting, blinds or electrical appliances.


The defining feature of the new GLC Coupé is its silhouette. It is immediately recognisable as a member of the Mercedes-Benz SUV family. Standard equipment includes the AVANTGARDE exterior with 18-inch light alloy wheels and the chrome package. Hybrid models roll off the line on mixed-profile tyres with different widths on the front and rear axles. Accentuating the width of the car is the seamless transition from the headlights to the radiator grille. The Mercedes-Benz pattern is standard on the radiator grille cover.

The dramatic surfaces continue to define the exterior design. It is enhanced with precisely moulded edges that accentuate the proportions and the muscular wheel arches. The AMG Line is available with 19-inch or 20-inch mixed-profile tyres and wheel arch liners in the vehicle colour. Also offered as optional extras are easy-entry running boards and, from AMG Line upwards, a Night package. Other features are the wide track and flush wheels in 18- to 20-inch sizes. Several of the wheels available ex factory feature a high-sheen finish with bicolour surfaces. Their aerodynamics are also optimised through their special shape. Accentuating the width of the vehicle are the two-part tail lights with black-coloured and dark red connecting elements, closed off below by the simulated chrome underguard.

The interior

The interior of the new GLC Coupé is equipped with the AVANTGARDE line as standard. The dashboard upper section has a wing-like profile with new, flattened vent outlets. The lower section has a trim area that flows seamlessly into the curved centre console. The 12.3-inch (31.2 cm) high-resolution LCD screen in front of the driver appears to float freely above the wing profile and trim surface. The 11.9-inch (30.2 cm) central display rises from the centre console and likewise appears to float above the trim surface. Like the dashboard, the screen surface is slightly angled towards the driver.

The scaled-back design of the door panels frames both ends of the dashboard. The door centre panel with integrated armrest transitions from a vertical to a horizontal surface. Reflecting the design of the centre console, the front section takes the form of a metallic high-tech element. It can be used as a grab or closing handle and houses the power window controls. A new feature is the floating control cluster, into which the door opener and seat adjustment controls are integrated.

The seat design plays with layers and contoured surfaces, lending them visual lightness. The head restraints and their connection to the backrest with an enclosed cover have been redesigned. Now offered as a special feature (standard for the AMG Line) is a leather-lined dashboard with nappa-look beltlines. Some trim elements have innovative surfaces. These include interpretations of open-pored wood veneers in brown, anthracite and black, featuring aluminium inlays.

The dimensions underscore the dynamic and muscular look of the new GLC Coupé. With a length of 4,763 mm, it is 31 mm longer and 5 mm higher than its predecessor. The track widths are larger, by 6 mm at the front (now 1,627 mm) and 23 mm at the rear (now 1,640 mm). The longer vehicle length benefits the wheelbase and the front and rear overhangs. The width has remained the same at 1,890 mm.

With more boot volume than before, the GLC Coupé is ready for big road trips: 545 litres (45 litres more than the preceding model) to 1,490 litres (a plus of 90 litres) in the mild hybrid models and 390-1,335 litres in plug-in hybrids. The EASY-PACK tailgate is standard. This opens or closes conveniently at the touch of a button using the ignition key, the switch in the driver's door or the unlocking handle on the tailgate.

Comfort appointments

ENERGIZING is the name of the Mercedes-Benz concept for networked comfort systems. The optional ENERGIZING Plus package brings them to life at the touch of a button or by voice command and bundles them in up to seven comfort programmes. At the same time, the system creates a matching atmosphere in the interior, e.g. invigorating in case of fatigue or relaxing in case of an elevated stress level. The ENERGIZING COACH suggests an appropriate fitness or wellness programme based on vehicle and trip data. It also factors information about vital signs and current wellbeing into its intelligent algorithm if the driver is wearing a suitable smart watch.

The AIR-BALANCE package is part of the ENERGIZING Plus package. It offers an individual, subtle fragrancing experience in the interior, according to personal preference and mood. At the same time, the outside and inside air is ionised and filtered. The ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL feature continuously monitors air quality in the vehicle interior using air quality and fine particle sensors. If thresholds are exceeded, it switches the air conditioning to air recirculation mode. A two-stage filter concept can additionally filter fine dust and a large proportion of pollutants from the air.

Engines: Electrified four-cylinder units

The new GLC Coupé is available with electrified drives. The mild-hybrid units include a second-generation integrated starter-generator (ISG) and a 48-volt on-board electrical system. The integrated starter-generator in the mild hybrid variants supports the combustion engine especially at low engine speeds. Complemented by the turbocharger, this delivers outstanding power. The 48-volt on-board electrical system supports hybrid functions such as coasting, boosting and energy recovery, thus increasing efficiency. The motors also start quickly and comfortably with the help of the ISG, with the start/stop function barely perceptible to the driver.

Three further engine variants are plug-in hybrids, which have electric-only range to meet practical needs. The improved hybrid driving programme reserves electric driving mode for the most suitable sections of the route. It prioritises electric driving on journeys in urban areas, for example. Regardless of whether it is a petrol or diesel model: As plug-in hybrids, all variants are both highly efficient and dynamic on the road.

The high power density of the hybrid drive unit comes courtesy of a permanently excited internal rotor synchronous motor. The peak torque of the electric motor is ready to go right from the start, resulting in high agility when moving off, along with dynamic driving performance. The full electric power is available up to 140 km/h. In the new GLC Coupé, Mercedes-Benz uses an electromechanical brake booster. It automatically controls the flexible transition between hydraulic braking and recuperation depending on the driving situation to ensure optimal energy recovery and braking performance at all times. As a result, the maximum recuperation power of up to 100 kW is achieved more frequently.

The high-voltage battery is an in-house development by Mercedes-Benz. It has an installed capacity of 31.2 kWh. Starting from empty, a full recharge with the optional 60 kW DC charger is completed in around 30 minutes. The GLC Coupé is equipped as standard with an 11 kW three-phase AC charger.


The dynamically designed suspension system of the new GLC Coupé is based on a new four-link front suspension and a multi-link independent rear suspension mounted to a subframe. The hybrids have air suspension and level control at the rear axle as standard. All other variants are equipped with a sport suspension. The variable steering ratio is also standard across the board. On request the new GLC Coupé is available with the Tech Package. This includes the AIRMATIC air suspension system and active rear-axle steering with a 4.5° steering angle. AIRMATIC provides continuously adjustable damping for the compression and rebound stages of the shock absorbers.

The new GLC Coupé is especially agile and stable with the optional rear-axle (included with the Tech package). At speeds below 60 km/h, the rear wheels steer in the opposite direction to the front wheels, and by up to 4.5° when parking. The wheelbase then feels shorter, making the vehicle more manoeuvrable and agile, and the turning circle is reduced by 90 cm to 10.9 metres. When the speed reaches 60 km/h or more, the rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front wheels by up to 4.5°. The virtually extended wheelbase has noticeable advantages in the form of improved handling stability and safety at high speeds, during fast lane-changes or sudden evasive manoeuvres. In addition, during dynamic manoeuvres the vehicle is more responsive to steering commands. The rear axle steering is combined with a more direct steering ratio at the front axle so that the number of steering wheel turns from lock to lock is reduced.

Over hill and dale: Off-road with the GLC Coupé

As before, the new GLC Coupé is also suitable for off-road driving and has several new features and systems designed for that use. Standard equipment includes an off-road driving mode and DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation). The plug-in models offer all-electric off-road driving. With electric motor's full torque of 440 Nm available from the very first turn of the engine, its power is easy to control at all times. This allows highly precise, controlled driving even in challenging terrain. In addition, because the electric motor only consumes energy when it is actually moving the vehicle, power demand will be low at normal off-road speeds. As a result, a long all-electric driving time is possible even on demanding terrain.

In off-road mode, the GLC Coupé with the 360° camera offers a "transparent bonnet". The central display shows a virtual view under the front of the vehicle, including the front wheels and their steering position. This enables the driver to recognise obstacles such as large stones or deep potholes sooner and more easily.

The off-road screen mode uses the two displays for clear presentation of information, controls and key functions for off-road conditions. Among other things, the driver's display shows inclination, gradient, topographical altitude, geo-coordinates and a compass as well as road speed and engine speed when operating with an internal combustion engine. The central display shows the current position on the terrain as well as the steering angle of the front wheels. If the vehicle has rear-wheel steering it also shows the steering direction of the rear wheels.

The Technology package (optional) with AIRMATIC air suspension including level control and rear-axle steering also brings its comfort advantages to bear when off-road, where it offers additional benefits. For example, AIRMATIC allows a high ground clearance off-road, regardless of the load, and long suspension travel for the best possible traction. The rear-axle steering increases off-road manoeuvrability further.