Publication date: 19 April 2024
Mazda2 Hybrid

Mazda2 Hybrid

Two in one

Review - A hybrid is a special car. Under the bonnet one will find both a combustion engine and an electric motor. Yet Mazda takes the term hybrid quite literally: in fact, the "Mazda2 Hybrid" is also a mix of two different cars! And that wondrous combination has been renewed for 2024. Autozine explains why...

If the above doesn't cause enough confusion, the pictures do. In fact, the Mazda2 Hybrid looks nothing like the Mazda2 as introduced in 2014. In fact, the hybrid is a completely different car!

Mazda2 Hybrid

That's right: Mazda already had conventional internal combustion engines, mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The only form that was missing was the so-called "full hybrid". Of course, Mazda could have developed such an engine itself, but instead it partnered with Toyota. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid therefore forms the basis of the Mazda2 Hybrid.

Own face

Mazda gives the car its own face and adapts the rear end. Otherwise, the Mazda2 Hybrid is identical to the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. For the 2024 model year, the modifications have been increased. The grille now more  follows the five-pointed shape characteristic of Mazda. The wide-beam headlamps, too, therefore have their own shape.

Mazda2 Hybrid

At the rear, the Mazda distinguishes itself with separate rear lights, while those on the Toyota are actually connected. Mazda's designer would have liked to change much more, but in order to keep the price competitive it was decided to use simple means to modify only the image-defining elements.

Space and equipment

Because the Hybrid is a very different car from the other versions of the Mazda2, the interior is also different. The standard Mazda2 excels in modesty and elegance, while the Hybrid contrasts this with visible technology and organic shapes. Space up front in the Hybrid is good, and thanks to the large seats, the car even feels a bit roomier than it actually is. Those large seats do have the consequence that legroom in the rear is highly dependent on the leniency of the driver and co-driver.

Mazda2 Hybrid
Mazda2 Hybrid

The Mazda2 has been on the market since 2014. However, the Toyota Yaris is from 2020, which is why the Hybrid is more modern than the other versions of the Mazda2. This is in the large screen and modern infotainment system, but also in the many safety features (which are unfortunately difficult to disable). Despite being a Toyota under the skin, the Mazda2 Hybrid also communicates with the standard Mazda app.

Note that there is a lot of difference between the various trims. The luxury "Homura" has to make do without sat nav, but it does have a central display with interface for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The "Homura Plus" has a larger screen, a built-in sat nav and fully digital clocks behind the steering wheel. And this is precisely where the added value lies: the equipment offered by the various versions differs from Toyota, and therefore either car may suit the buyer's preference better than the other.


As mentioned earlier, Mazda already builds mild-hybrids and plug-in hybrids. What was missing was the "full hybrid". All three hybrids consist of a petrol engine and an electric motor. During braking or coasting, kinetic energy is converted into electricity. When the petrol engine has to work hard, the electric motor exploits that free electricity for lower consumption, better performance and more comfort. The difference is in the degree of assistance provided by the electric motor and the corresponding battery capacity.

Mazda2 Hybrid

The mild hybrid has the smallest battery and can therefore assist the petrol engine the least. The mild hybrid is the least effective but the most economical to buy. As the name makes clear, a plug-in hybrid can also be charged with a plug (socket at home or public charging point). It also has such a large battery capacity that even several dozen kilometres can be covered entirely electrically. Consumption is therefore the lowest, but the purchase price the highest. Partly for this reason, the Mazda2 is not available as a plug-in hybrid.

A "full hybrid" sits between mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid and is just the perfect fit for a compact car. Both engines of the Mazda2 Hybrid together deliver 116 hp / 120 Nm, but in practice that seems like a lot more! Because the electric motor kicks in even at low revs, the Hybrid offers much more agility than a conventional petrol engine and the car is perceived as more powerful.

When the accelerator is pressed firmly, a distinct three-cylinder rumble can be heard, but it is not perceived as disturbing. Switching from the petrol engine to the electric engine was also not felt to be distracting, as Toyota / Mazda has perfected this over the years. To smoothly transmit the power of two engines onto one shaft, an automatic gearbox is required and so, as a perk, is standard on every Mazda2 Hybrid.

Mazda2 Hybrid


Mazda and Toyota suggest that 80% can be driven electrically, but this is misleading. At best, the petrol engine can be switched off 80% of the time. However, that does not mean that electric driving is then done!

How effective a hybrid actually is depends very much on the route to be travelled. When travelling long distances on the motorway, there is little opportunity to recharge or assist. Then expect on consumption of around 6 litres per 100 km. As soon as the speed slows down due to city traffic or inner roads, the hybrid powertrain comes into its own. After a day of driving in and around Barcelona, the consumption meter even read 3.7 litres per 100 km!


Because the Mazda2 Hybrid is on a different platform from the other versions, handling differs greatly. The standard Mazda2 opts for quietness and refinement. Every effort has been made to reduce vibration and driving noise. The Hybrid, on the other hand, is tuned for dynamism and communication with the driver. From the very first moment, it is therefore noticeable that the car is light and agile, resulting in a somewhat challenging character. Roadholding is excellent, providing driving pleasure and lots of safety.

Mazda2 Hybrid


Why is the "Mazda2 Hybrid" two in one? Because it is a Mazda and a Toyota at the same time. And because there is a petrol engine and an electric motor under the bonnet. To start with the former, the Hybrid is a completely different car from the other versions of the Mazda2. Under the skin, the Mazda2 Hybrid is a Toyota Yaris Hybrid. However, modifications to the front and rear do give the Mazda its own look.

Mazda2 entered into this partnership with Toyota because a "full hybrid" is a valuable addition to its existing range. A mild-hybrid is inexpensive to buy but also offers limited benefits. A plug-in hybrid would be too costly for a compact car like this. The "full hybrid" offers a great contribution to comfort, improves performance and reduces consumption. At the same time, the price is favourable.

One drawback of the collaboration is that the comfortable, refined, soothing character of the standard Mazda2 has been lost. On the other hand, the "donor model" is much younger and therefore the Mazda2 Hybrid has more modern equipment than the standard Mazda2. Thus, two in one offers many advantages!

  • Smooth, lively and economical
  • Excellent driving characteristics
  • More modern equipment than standard Mazda2
  • Less refined than standard Mazda2
  • Little difference from Toyota Yaris
  • Cumbersome procedure to disable speed warning