3 March 2009

Lotus Exige

New Lotus Exige S for 2010

3 March 2009 | The 79th International Geneva Motor Show sees the introduction of the new 2010 Model Year Lotus Exige S with a newly designed front end, a new rear wing and lowered emissions of just 199 g/km CO2.

Lotus has pursued efficiency and fuel economy and for the 2010 Model Year Lotus Exige S. Lotus has reduced the emissions to 199 g/km CO2 and increased the fuel economy to 8.5 litres/100 km on the Official European Combined Cycle and 6.5 litres/100 km on the Official European Extra Urban Cycle.


The 2010 Model Year also sees the introduction of a few key changes to the Exige to enhance the look and improve aerodynamic performance. A restyled front end and new larger, rear wing that not only reduces drag, but also gives a more muscular stance enhancing the lightweight shrink-wrapped look of the whole car.

The composite rear wing is based on the design from the Exige GT3 road car concept shown at the Geneva Motorshow in 2007. Compared to the 2009 Model Year Exige tailgate mounted wing it is 181 mm wider and mounted 46 mm higher and 61 mm further back. It is attached to the rear bodyshell clam via rear end plates which not only increases the stiffness of the whole structure but also ensures that as much of the airflow as possible passes over the rear wing. This careful airflow management increases stability, reduces drag and, most importantly, maintains the downforce figures of 42 kg at 160 km/h.

The restyled front end includes a larger, more angular air intake mouth to help funnel more air through the radiator, to improve the efficiency of the engine system. Ahead of the front wheels on either side of the main aperture, two larger air intakes increase the airflow to the twin oil coolers. Horizontal vanes bisect these oil cooler air-intakes to stabilise the airflow to further increase the cooling efficiency.

Since the Exige S2 was launched in 2004, the power has increased from 190 hp through 220 hp to 240 hp in standard road form – more for the track centric Exige Cup 260 - and the new larger air intakes improve engine cooling for these current higher powered Exige variants.

Mounted below the three new air intakes is a new aerodynamic splitter for the 2010 Model Year Exige. Made from a lightweight composite, the splitter is now extended to wrap around the whole of the front end and chiseled side lips are raised to deflect air around the tyres to reduce drag.

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