12 September 2008

Lotus Europa S

Lotus Europa receives diamond treatment

12 September 2008 | This year Lotus celebrates its 60th birthday and to properly mark the occasion, the British sportscar manufacturer has produced a real gem of a car – a fully customised, diamond- set Lotus Europa valued at £150,000 which will be launched at Lotus' birthday celebrations in Hethel, Norfolk on Sunday 14th September 2008.

The diamond anniversary Lotus Europa has received the highest level of customisation from cosmetic enhancements to performance upgrades. Inside, the car boasts sumptuous textures created using the finest quality leather for a superior quilted trim, whilst the bespoke gear knob and controls feature sparkling diamonds set in cool matt black metal. The diamond scheme is completed with a specially designed rev counter and speed dials that feature diamonds highlighted by hidden LED accent lighting.

Lotus Europa S

An exclusive paint finish has been applied to the sleek form of the Europa giving the already sophisticated model a truly spectacular finish, a high gloss black base has been adorned with tiny glass flakes giving the appearance the car has been showered with diamonds. Tinted glass and black and silver wheels complete the monochrome scheme in polished, stylish fashion whilst a diamond set Lotus nose-badge proudly crowns the car.

The diamond anniversary Europa is the culmination of skill and expertise from many of Lotus' production teams and suppliers. The project was championed by Winsor Bishop, East Anglia's premier diamond specialists who are supplying Lotus with around £111,000 worth of diamonds for the car.

Lotus Europa S