26 June 2008

Land Rover

Land Rover sees into the future

26 June 2008 | Jaguar Land Rover today announced the opening of its new 'Virtual Reality Centre' at the Design and Engineering Centre in Gaydon.

The 'state-of-the-art' design facility draws on advanced audio visual technologies with the projection power of the world's highest resolution projectors to significantly speed up product development cycles following an investment of £2million.

Land Rover

Engineers and designers are able to see and interact with life-size, three-dimensional models of vehicles and components. The system reduces the need for physical prototypes, saving both time and money.

Jaguar Land Rover's four-walled centre is a complete turn-key solution using cutting-edge projection technology, advanced motion tracking of the user's head and hands and is driven by advanced virtual reality software. The total solution provides a virtual reality environment like no other for simulating vehicle exteriors and interiors and capable of making bodywork appear solid or transparent, all at a resolution that is near photo-realistic.

Land Rover

Eight Sony SRX-S105 ultra-high resolution projectors – each capable of delivering the world's highest resolution imagery – provide a visual quality that clearly outstrips existing industry virtual reality Walls and CAVES. In the unique projector setup these produce photo quality interactive 3D imagery where pixilation on the rear-projection screens is almost impossible to see. The user wears 3-D glasses to experience 'ultimate realism' with an ultra-high resolution that is four-times the definition of full-High Definition TV!

Working in partnership with Sony, Sun Microsystems and ICIDO and Midlands-based HoloVis International Ltd, the JLR team was able to bring together all of the different components of the project to design, manufacture, install and support this next-generation virtual environment for Jaguar and Land Rover.

Land Rover Land Rover Land Rover
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