18 July 2019
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, date: 20 October 2011

Experience with Veloster: Driver's mirror will not adjust to eliminate blind spot when seat is at rear limit. Sunroof shade (fabric) flaps badly when the windows are open. No mirror-mounted turn signals (standard in other cars in this trim range). Navigation system User Interface overly complex and not well organized. It is by Microsoft, so it figures. DCT shifts are not at all crisp (like my VW GTI's DSG) but Hyundai is after economy and smoothness, not performance. Information panel (between tach and speedo) does not light up when the door is opened, you must turn on the accessories. The panel is also washed out in bright sunlight conditions. The Hyundai logo on the steering wheel is polished chrome and reflects sunlight into your eyes!!! There is no excuse for this, it is a safety hazard!!! I have painted mine dead black. Several controls (dash light dimmer, ECO mode switch, backup alarm OFF, 115AC) are not lighted and placed low on the left side of the dash. Hard to see and reach. Another po

Year of build2011
Owned for1 years
Mileage2.700 km


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