28 May 2020
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, date: 17 April 2009

Experience with i30 : I have only two problems with the i30, which I also had with the Getz, cabin storage (not enough) and rear wash-wipe has no intermittent mode, apart from that, after 35 years of driving every sort and make of car from the basic to the computerised models we have to-day, this Hyundai i30 CDRI Automatic I have to say in all honesty is the best car I have ever driven or owned.

Experience with service (official dealership): Excellent!

Derivative1.6 DRDI Auto:
Year of build2009
Owned for1 years
Mileage1.000 km

Response from: Helen. Nesadurai, date: 24 December 2009

Antwoord: I am from Malaysia, bought the Hyundai i30 (1.6Automatic, petrol) in October 2009, and find it an incredible car to drive. In Malaysia, the auto-market is still skewed towards Japanese cars (Honda, Toyota) and is somewhat anti-Hyundai. Participants in Malaysian auto forums tend to dismiss the i-30 (without even a test-drive, dismissing even its 5-star safety rating, (how important is safety rating, according to one participant!). But, despite its hefty price tage (due to distorted taxes in the protected Malaysian car market, especially for complete imports as mine is, from the Korean Ulsan plant), I have absolutely no regrets. The car is great, handles well, and is a joy to drive. Have been driving since 1979, have had 3 cars to date (including the last one, Hyundai Accent, which I have given to my dad to drive), I am a highly satisfied buyer. Was about to buy the Hyundai Elantra 2.0, but test drove the i30 ":just for fun": and was hooked after 100 metres. This is really a ":driver':s car":, as one auto reviewer wrote, stable, solid, handles extremely well, and has maginificent paint work. Rear suspension ":to die for":.


, date: 14 February 2009

Experience with i30 : A fantactic car, give it a go.

Derivative1.6CRDI Premium
Year of build2008
Owned for1 years
Mileage9.415 km

Response from: Boss, date: 28 December 2009

Antwoord: Hyundai i30 is not as economical as it could be. My friend bought one in november 2009 and he told me that he is not as happy as before with his Hyundai.


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