1 September 2008

Honda Legend

Honda revealed re-styled Legend

1 September 2008 - The revised model gives a new edge to the top of the range Honda and responds to customer feedback on the current model. The most noticeable change is to the exterior style of the Legend, with new lights, bonnet, front wings, boot lid, bumpers and the adoption of standard 18" wheels. Under the restyled bonnet is one of the most powerful V6 engines in this sector.

The new engine has an additional 200cc that helps to give the new Legend greater torque across the whole rev range. Complementing this increase in capacity the 3.7 litre V6 has VTEC added to the exhaust valves, joining the system already fitted on the inlet side. These realised a 20% increase in torque in the mid-range. The result is an enhancement to the feeling of power, as well as the improved acceleration.

Honda Legend

Coupled to this revised engine, is an all-new 5-speed gearbox. The new box has switched to a straight gate and empowers the driver with additional control over gear selection with revised steering wheel mounted paddle-shifters and new gearbox software. The new transmission reacts faster to changes in driver input even in the normal automatic mode and so gives the driver access to power when it's most needed.

The combined effects of the improved transmission and increase in torque mean that the new Legend can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds, 0.2 seconds quicker than before. Fuel economy and CO2 have also improved over the previous model, despite the improved acceleration performance.

New is the Active Noise Cancellation system (ANC), which cancels out low frequency noise by playing the opposite wave form through the Bose sound system. Also new to the flagship is a new form of sound deadening mat that has improved noise reducing properties and is lighter than conventional materials.

The new head restraints are similar in principle to the items found in the Civic and Accord models and compliment the reassuring ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) body structure. Optional in some markets are the Adaptive Cruise Control and CMBS systems, which use millimetre wave radar to detect and help reduce the risk of collisions.

Honda Legend

The chassis of the Legend has also received some attention. Although the SH-AWD system remains unchanged the settings for the suspension have been altered to improve the ride and handling.

The already well equipped Legend gets some more revisions to compliment the new model. Rear seat passengers can now enjoy the benefits of heated seats, while the Bose Audio system now has a USB socket, to enable the easy connection of an iPod.