15 December 2018
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, date: 9 February 2016

Experience with the car: Only had the Jazz just over a month. I don't drive like a motoring journalist, so the CVT's performance is just fine. It's not noisy, though volume does increase when accelerating or joining a motorway, but it's quite refined overall. It's huge inside (more room than my previous C3 Picasso) and very comfortable. Averaging 48.1 mpg at the moment, all town and country miles - no long motorway runs as yet.

Derivative1.3EX CVT
Year of build2015
Owned for1 years
Mileage1.500 km

Response from: Mail, date: 11 May 2016

Antwoord: Update: After nearly 6 months ownership I have little to add. The engine is quieter as it's adding the miles and, after a couple of 150-mile trips on the M1, it claims to be averaging precisely 50.0 mpg - which I think is excellent for an automatic petrol car.


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