16 September 2010
Honda FCX Clarity

Honda FCX Clarity

London's deputy mayor drives Honda FCX

16 September 2010 | Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor for Policing in London and Chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership, was among the first in the UK to drive Honda's hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity, earlier today at City Hall in London. Honda has brought an FCX Clarity to the UK to inform and educate policy makers of the viability and potential of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which emit no pollutants, only water vapour from the exhaust.

"Our friends at Honda have produced a marvel of electrochemistry and advanced engineering in the FCX Clarity", said Mr Malthouse.

Honda FCX Clarity

"I have no doubt that in the centuries to come it will rank alongside the Model T Ford as an epoch-making step forward for personal transport and the welfare of our planet. This car is a brilliant achievement and there can be no greater compliment to Honda than my demand that they bring a fleet of Clarities to London as soon as possible", he added.

During this week, the FCX Clarity will be driven by politicians, industry figures and key members of the media as Honda demonstrates the practicality, performance and range of the 5-door saloon to help encourage the development and adoption of hydrogen as a fuel in Europe.

"The FCX Clarity is a real world production vehicle that emits no harmful exhaust gasses, offers a range of around 270 miles, a short refuelling time, and the practicality and performance of a conventional saloon. It could revolutionise the future of motoring", says Dave Hodgetts, Managing Director of Honda (UK).

Honda is already leasing FCX Clarity vehicles in the US and Japan, where there are emerging infrastructures to support hydrogen-powered cars. There are no plans at present for the commercial introduction of the FCX Clarity in the UK.