Publication date: 3 July 2007
Ford Mondeo Wagon (2007 - 2014)

Ford Mondeo Wagon (2007 - 2014)

New Inspiration

Review - Ford had already given us a fore taster. The new Galaxy and S-Max show just how the new Fords would look. They are the forerunners of the most important new model in years: the Mondeo. Now that the entirely new Mondeo is on forecourts, it's high time for an extensive test drive!

Until recently, Fords were designed on the basis of the New Edge design. For this new generation, Ford has created the term Kinetic design. The illustrators were clearly inspired, because the new Mondeo is more modern, with a sharper line and just simply more character than many other cars in its class. With this in mind, the car does attract a lot of attention. From the petrol station all the way to the photo shoot: those that were interested wanted to know more about the new Mondeo. Everyone found it beautiful; with the occasional exception who thought the grille too aggressive.

The creativity of the designers does not just stop on the exterior; on the inside the Mondeo is just as new and different. Depending on the model, the interior is either traditional with wood and chromium (Ghia finish) or modern with hip colours and metal panels (as shown here the Titanium finish). The shining panels stretch out all the way up to the steering wheel, which could inadvertently end up reflecting the sun in a rather unpleasant manner.

Ford Mondeo Wagon (2007 - 2014)
Ford Mondeo Wagon (2007 - 2014)


The finish is progressive and modern with MP3, Bluetooth, DVD and everything a car requires in 2007. Different from usual is the large display between the rev counter and speed indicator. All the data from the onboard computer, navigation system, telephone and the audio system can be seen here. With all the switches on the steering wheel, it is possible to flick through the various pages of information.

A schematic reproduction of the car shows whether the doors are closed or for example the light is on. Oddly enough this handy overview of the car is not used in conjunction with the parking assist, which is restricted to acoustic indicators.

More traditional is the second display screen in the central console. Similar to the first display screen the graphics albeit beautiful highlight the fact that most computers still have a lot to learn. The clarity of both screens can be adjusted however they can't be set to black. When the menu option turn off is chosen a test picture with a clock appears. Driving at night, the two dimmed screens are extremely tiring on the eyes.

Another boo-boo is the separate climate control system which irrespective of the regulated temperature constantly blows an undercurrent of cold air conditioning into the car. The air conditioning can be switched off, but then the air flow becomes too warm.

Ford Mondeo Wagon (2007 - 2014)


The interior of the car has been arranged spaciously. The space in front is very good, the front seats are excellently. Also in the rear of the Mondeo, there is more space than on average in this segment.

The Wagon which was test driven was designed as a pack animal, not as a lifestyle vehicle with the look of an estate. Consequently the luggage space is enormous, even when the rear seat hasn't been folded flat.

What is however noticeable in such progressive car as this, is that Ford has not thrown open its box of tricks for the boot. Thus there is no double floor, no flexible dividing system, no hidden compartments or other little tricks. Folding down the back seat is by contemporary terms a time-consuming procedure, however it does produce a massively large (1,745 litres) loading space with perfectly flat loading floor.

Ford Mondeo Wagon (2007 - 2014)


The Mondeo is available with three petrol and three diesel engines. Amongst the petrol engines the consumption is considerably lower than is usual at Ford. It would seem that the technicians have been inspired as well!

However for the test drive the heaviest diesel engine has been chosen; according to expectation the favourite amongst lease drivers. The 2.0 TDCi (with particle filter) is capable of 140 bhp/320 Nm and is lighter than usual for this class. After pressing the start switch, this diesel starts beautifully even after a cold start.

Ford Mondeo Wagon (2007 - 2014)

In the city, the Mondeo 2.0 TDCi is smooth with always more than sufficient in reserve to be able to accelerate smoothly or if necessary to boldly join the traffic. The small outside mirrors and small side windows make the car less surveyable. It makes you feel a little bit edgy the first couple of days.

On the motorway the TDCi 2.0 has again more than sufficient power available to keep pace smoothly. In real haste, the engine however doesn't play ball. For example a sprint from 120 to 150 km/hr demands a lot of relative exertion. This is partly to blame on the very long sixth gear which keeps the revs low. On the other hand though, the Mondeo is quick up to 130 km/hr, remarkably quiet and above all else very efficient.

Ford Mondeo Wagon (2007 - 2014)

Road handling

Under all circumstances road handling is outstanding. Ford knows like no other how to find the perfect combination between comfort and sportiness. The suspension is neither too hard nor too soft. Road handling is outstanding, even in extreme cases. In short: the new Ford Mondeo drives as good as its looks.


The designers at Ford had lots of fresh ideas with an abundance of inspiration. The result is a car which makes an enormous leap forward on all counts; not only in respect of the previous Mondeo but also in comparison with many of its competitors.

It starts with its distinctive appearance and the roomy, neatly arranged interior. The loading space of the estate is enormous; however the clever bits-n-bobs which would make better use of the interior space are missing. The diesel engines are smoother, more economical and very quiet. Just like all other Fords the Mondeo has an excellent performance.

The designers clearly had new inspiration with which they have created from the Mondeo a refreshing car with lots of character and above all else is a pleasure to drive.

  • Modern technology
  • Outstanding driving characteristics
  • Powerful, efficient and quiet diesel engine
  • Moderate radio reception
  • Side wing mirrors too small
  • Air con temperature is not kept constant