26 September 2020
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, date: 29 June 2019

Experience with Sedici: After solving a problem with the gear lever just after I purchased the car it has been absolutely faultless. It is used as a shopping basket and work and back taxi, a short hop. it is comfortable nippy and is a bit of a Tardis, surprisingly big on the inside, so great for tip runs. I am amazed everyone isn't driving one ! Although the image of the Fiat brand has improved greatly in recent years bear in mind the Sedici is really a Suzuki so it has the Japanese stamp of reliability.

Experience with service (unknown dealer): Change the oil regularly and donnullt skimp on the oil or the filter.

Experience with sales: Dealer was very good to work with and the car was extremely well presented.

Derivative1.6 Eleganza
Year of build2007
Owned for1 years
Mileage75.000 km


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