19 September 2020
Fiat Panda (2003 - 2011)

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Owner's verdict


, date: 3 February 2017

Experience with Panda : 70 mpg, torque, fun, cheap, cruise at 80mph.
Twice the car you imagine it is.

Experience with service (unknown dealer): Cheap as a bicycle.

Experience with sales: Nice honest guy.

Year of build2007
Owned for1 years


, date: 31 December 2009

Experience with Panda : Better than you might think. Interior plastics very poor, but as they are very well put together, there are no squeaks nor rattles.
Comfort is good, despite a not-so-brilliant road noise insulation. Seats lack lateral support, but are comfortable on long journeys. Plenty of storage spaces.
Sensitive to side wind at high speeds. Holds the road very well, despite a lot of body movement. Impressive for a car wearing 155/80 R13 tires.
Performance of the diesel engine is very good mid-range, poor past 4k rpm and terrible below 1500 rpm. Overtakes with ease until 120 km/h. Requires good use of gearbox though, as turbo lag is enormous.
Noisy when cold, silent once warm. Vibrates a lot at low revs...
Fuel consumption not as impressive as performance, I struggle to get 55 mpg! It gets much worse past 100 km/h. And I do not trash it.
Engine goes better as you make more mileage, especially on the road.

Experience with service (official dealership): Oil change each 20k kilometres, would recommend fully synthetic. Full servive each 40k kilometres. I still cannot report Fiat service quality as I did not service it yet.

Year of build2005
Owned for1 years
Mileage43.500 km


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