24 November 2008

Fiat Grande Punto

Grande Punto production reaches 1 million mark

24 November 2008 - A few days ago the millionth Grande Punto came off the production lines at the Fiat factory in Melfi. This car was launched in 2005 and was the heir of two models: the first Punto (from 1993 to 1999) of which 3.5 million were manufactured, while the second series (launched in 1999 and currently on sale under the name Punto Classic) exceeded 3 million.

Intended for the British market, the millionth Grande Punto is a Passionate Red Sport version equipped with the spirited 1.4 turbo petrol 120 bhp engine. The car's distinguishing characteristics are its large 'Skydome' electric roof, 17 inch diamond-cut alloy wheels and chrome rear view mirrors. These last two features confirm the great attention given to accessories and aesthetic details introduced with the 2008 range.

Fiat Grande Punto

Always a huge star on all the international markets, the Grande Punto MY 2008 has recently had a make-over with the adoption of major features aimed especially at the younger public. Just think that the sports line (Sport and Racing) accounts for 25% of total sales, while 14% of these customers choose to customise their cars with original stickers. Not only, currently 30% of Grande Punto customers demand Blue&Me, the system that has changed the paradigms of communication, information and in-car personal entertainment.

Moreover, aware of the comfort and safety features of the upper segment, 40% of customers choose the Dynamic version. Finally, for a few weeks now the dual fuel (petrol/methane) Grande Punto has been on sale, expanding the Natural Power range currently comprising the Panda, Multipla, Doblò and Punto Classic models. It is an important point that 24% of total sales of the Grande Punto are actually of the new methane version.