12 August 2008
Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle spices up the Fiat 500

12 August 2008 - Cobra Technology & Lifestyle gives the modern incarnation of this most classic of Italian cars a special appearance: the face of the Cinquecento (Italian for 500) is altered with two high-gloss stainless-steel components.

The patented Cobra Cityguard front guard is made from high-gloss stainless-steel tubes with a diameter of 42 millimetres. It bolts to the underside of the production front apron. The production plastic grille in the front bumper is replaced by a custom-tailored high-gloss Cobra Technology & Lifestyle stainless-steel grate.

Fiat 500

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle rocker panel guards are made from stainless-steel tubes with a diameter of 48 millimetres and visually change the sides of the vehicle. But that's not all: the precise-fit accessories, sold in a ready-to-install kit, also protect the rocker panels from damage.

The rear apron can be refined with the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle rear guard that follows the lower contours of the rear bumper. The stainless-steel tubular guard has a diameter of 42 millimetres and offers the added benefit of protecting the rear from minor parking damage.

The Cobra CN10 7Jx17 multi-spoke wheels fill out the wheel arches of the subcompact more. Tires size is 205/35 R 17 front and back. Cobra Technology & Lifestyle sport springs are specifically calibrated for use in combination with these sporty low-profile tires. They lower the ride height of the two-door by some 30 millimetres.

Fiat 500

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle specialists have further developed a sport exhaust system for the Fiat 500. The fully stainless steel exhaust system produces are more exciting exhaust note and adds more sporty looks. Contrary to conventional sport exhaust systems with one tailpipe left and right the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle accessory sets itself apart with a transversal rear muffler mounted behind the rear apron. Just as unique are the two large oval tailpipes measuring 140 x 60 millimetres.

Like all Cobra Technology & Lifestyle components the accessories for the small Italian car are manufactured in OEM quality and are backed by a two-year warranty with unlimited kilometers.