10 October 2008

Citroen Nemo

Romahome brings the ultimate small motorhome

10 October 2008 | The ultimate in miniaturised motorhomes is coming from Romahome. The company, based at Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, is launching its new R10 Solo at International Caravan and Motorhome 2008, at the NEC between October 14 and 19 and it brings fresh and innovative thinking for those who love their motorhome to be compact rather than colossal.

"We have based R10 on the Citroën Nemo, which is the new international van of the year, and I'm sure that Romahome fans are going to love it", said Romahome managing director, Brian Bailey. "Regular customer feedback showed that many people who buy our R20 conversions actually only wanted a single berth motorhome but still a vehicle that they could use for everyday transport. As a result, we created the R10. It has two seats in the front cab plus another sideways seat in the rear living area for which a seatbelt is available as an option".


Engine choices are a 1.4 petrol injection and 1.4 HDi diesel and there's also the option of the Sensodrive automatic, which brings R10 ownership to those who only hold a licence to drive automatic vehicles, widening its appeal considerably and also offering ease of driving to potential owners who are fed up using a clutch pedal.

"The design of the Nemo already includes a folding front passenger seat option so we have been able to capitalise on this to help create a single bed space that is 6 ft 4 ins long in a motorhome that is only 12 ft 7 ins in overall length! The overall height is also only 6 ft 3 ins, meaning the R10 will fit into many garages and multi-storey car parks. Yet the elevating roof gives an internal height of 6 ft 6 ins. If R10 had been around in 1963 when the Dr Who series launched, would the Tardis ever have been a Police call box? Probably not!" "There is a galley kitchen along one side plus a two burner hob. We have not stinted on the detail, so, like all Romahomes, the R10 has mains hook up. But, in keeping with a vehicle that starts life with a 119 g/km CO2 figure for the diesel model, we have also installed solar panels to power the LED rear lighting system in addition to the usual 12 volt battery lighting, too. A portable water carrier is also part of the standard specification and this is housed, along with the Camping Gaz bottle, under the sink unit. A Porta Potti is stored under the rear seating and blown air heating is offered as an option, as is a portable 12V cool bag".


Options include a rear awning to give extra sleeping and living space, a choice of trims, a lap belt on the rear seat, and a drop-down television. The R10 has a list price of £18,995.

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