2 October 2008

Citroen Hypnos

Citroen showcases Hypnos at Paris Motorshow

2 October 2008 - Citroën has released more details about the Hypnos concept as the car makes its world premiere at the prestigious Paris Motor Show. Hypnos is a true hybrid in both its technology and appearance. The crossover vehicle combines the styling cues of a sporty coupé, the serene comfort of a saloon and the practical space of an SUV. At the same time Hypnos is powered by Citroën's all-new hybrid drivetrain, HYmotion4, marrying dynamic performance with solid green credentials to give 60+mpg economy despite its 200 horsepower.

Citroën's Hypnos presents a vision for the future of luxury vehicles with intelligent technology such as a face-recognition system that adjusts the cabin environment to its occupant's emotions, massaging seats, thermo-sensitive ambient lighting, a faceless clock and diamond-shaped instrument clusters.


Proportioned at 4.90m long, 2.17m wide and 1.58m high, Hypnos's exterior design is characterised by a tautly drawn bonnet line, raised waistline and pronounced wheel arches that house 22-inch wheels - a hint at the concept's sophisticated muscle power.

The deep radiant grey of the bodywork, which varies in intensity under different light environments, has an elegant and prestigious sheen, befitting the Hypnos's luxury interior. A 'pillarless' roof, appears to 'float' suggesting flowing interior space. Rear hinged back doors provide easy entry into the car's enchanting interior, whilst a cargo tailgate gives unrestricted access to the boot, adding practical functionality to underline Hypnos's SUV characteristics.

Stepping inside the cabin, passengers are welcomed into an interior embodying the qualities of the concept car and begin a sensory adventure. The shimmering interior is adorned with premium materials such as leather and brushed aluminium, helping to make the Hypnos's cabin an environment of exceptional refinement and comfort. The rainbow hues, seen throughout the interior, showcase Citroën's originality – the unconventional application of bright, vibrant colours in an executive vehicle.


The four morphologically-sculpted seats are made up of prism-shaped components and can be inflated and deflated to give occupants upper and lower back massages. The body-hugging seats are positioned either side of a unique central console offering occupants an astonishing amount of personal space, and arranged in a helix configuration that inspires images of a DNA strand – reflecting the Hypnos' design focus on human values.

Passengers can also customise their own space using the pivotal blades of the central helix-shaped console, which includes a range of controls such as the air-conditioning settings.

The driver's instrument cluster is seen through diamond-like prisms, mounted in metal, with each facet displaying different information. A touch screen is also incorporated into the middle of the console, and air-vents gently diffuse halos of ambient light which varies according to temperature.


A ceiling-mounted camera films the driver's face and regularly measures anthropometric data to gauge emotions and automatically adjusts the cabin lighting and fragrance accordingly for a more bespoke relaxing experience behind the wheel.

Hypnos also features am onboard clock designed by the artist Michel Serviteur. The innovative timepiece, which has no needles or digital display, changes colour depending on the light at different times of the day and emits a succession of rhythmic colour pulses like a breathing organism.

Hypnos confirms Citroën's respect for the environment with its all-new HYmotion4 diesel hybrid drivetrain. The 4-wheel drive system combines a powerful 200 bhp 2.0 HDi DPFS engine and a 6-speed EGS (Electronic Gearbox System). With the engine driving the front wheels and an axle-mounted electric motor driving the rear wheels, this simple but effective solution shows a possible way ahead for affordable hybrid technology, in line with Citroën thinking.


Capable of a 0-60mph time of around 9-seconds and silent, exhaust-free driving in ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode, the Hypnos's efficient system delivers dynamic green performance and driving pleasure with fuel economy of almost 63mpg on the combined cycle and low CO2 emissions at 120g/km. When a burst of acceleration is required, Hypnos's boost function kicks in to deliver a combination of torque from both the combustion and electric powerplants without increasing fuel consumption.

For safe and accomplished 'green driving', Hypnos is equipped with Stop & Start technology. This intelligent system also powers the electric motor when the vehicle is in 4x4 mode. For improved safety in difficult driving conditions Hypnos instinctively switches to four-wheel drive mode when faced with low grip or intense handling.