9 April 2010

Citroen DS3

Citroen opens Street Mapper website

9 April 2010 - Citro├źn has embarked on an urban adventure with the new DS3. The project called Street Mapper follows urban culture in three of Europe's trendiest cities -Paris, London and Berlin - and showcases the eventful lifestyles and favourite places of each city's most creative personalities.

Led by Citroën's DS3, Street Mapper is filled with the vision and excitement of architects, designers and musicians who treat the city as their playground, and discover future trends in the most unexpected places. At the heart of urban mobility, DS3 discovers the pleasure of city life from new and interesting perspectives.

Citroen DS3

Released in nine instalments over nine weeks, Street Mapper can be found at DS3StreetMapper.Citroen.com.