Publication date: 20 January 2023
Citroen C4 X

Citroen C4 X


Review - A "crossover" is a combination of different types of cars. Usually it is an off-road vehicle and a hatchback. Citroën now goes a big step further, as the "C4 X" combines an off-road vehicle, sedan and coupé. How does that work out?

How special the C4 X is depends on which angle the car is viewed from. When viewed from the front, the C4 X looks exactly like the C4. This is not surprising, as the C4 X is merely a variant of this existing model. Up to the C-pillar (the bar between the rear side window and the rear window), the C4 and C4 X are in fact identical!

Citroen C4 X

Seen from the side, the difference becomes clear. The difference from the standard C4 is at the rear. There, the roofline is just a bit smoother, like that of a coupé. Moreover, a C4 X has a much longer overhang behind the rear wheels, to achieve a sedan shape. Initially, this extended line pattern seems to form a lack of harmony, but the longer the car is looked at, the more the bodywork manages to charm.

Despite the "X" in its name, the C4 X is not a crossover version of the Citroën C4. Both cars have the same trim with bumpers all around and have the same ground clearance.

Citroen C4 X
Citroen C4 X


The tailgate is that of a sedan, and thus Citroen is explicitly targeting the Middle East and Africa, where sedans are still popular. Because this is a sedan, and therefore not a "fastback", the rear window does not open with the tailgate. Note that the hinges go deep into the boot and could therefore damage luggage. Nevertheless, the C4 X's design does offer added value: thanks to 24 cm more overhang behind the rear wheels, the boot is significantly longer and thus larger (510 litres compared to 380 litres for the C4).

Despite the sloping roofline, space in the rear is fine, as in the regular C4. Moreover, the backrest of the rear seat leans back slightly more (27 instead of 25 degrees), for a fraction more space in the back. As usual with Citroën, the front seats are of the "Advanced Comfort" type. That means multiple materials have been combined to create seats that are firm yet comfortable. On short test drives, little of this is noticeable, on long drives all the more.

„the classic sedan shape has been replaced by a slightly smoother line, which means Citroën is also giving the C4 X a chance in Europe“

Another form of space: the interior has an above-average number of storage compartments. The most special of these are the three "gloveboxes". Above the standard glove compartment is a drawer. Above that, an optional tablet stand is available, so a passenger can watch movies or play games on the move.

Citroen C4 X


As the C4 and C4 X are basically the same cars, the equipment is also the same. However, with the introduction of the C4 X, Citroën's new audio, communication and navigation system (from the larger C5 X) comes to the C4 and C4 X. "My Citroën Drive Plus" offers better support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (now also wireless) and the user can easily customise the system. In addition, Citroën is introducing a smart, voice-activated assistant that can be activated by saying "Hello Citroën".

Note that this is not the all-new "Iris" system found in the DS 3 from model year 2023 onwards.

Driving characteristics

Like the C4, the C4 X will come to the UK only as an electric car ("ë-C4 X"). An internal combustion engine version will only be available for the aforementioned markets outside Europe, as the infrastructure there is not yet ready for electric driving.

Citroen C4 X

The C4 X has the same powertrain as all other electric cars from Citroën and sister brands Peugeot, Opel and Fiat. The battery has a capacity of 50 kWh, giving the C4 X a theoretical range of 360 km. As far as Autozine is concerned, this is a good balance between usability, weight and price. Under ideal conditions, the C4 X can recharge at a rate of 100 kW, which is also a decent value (faster makes the car unnecessarily expensive, slower makes stopovers too long).

The electric motor in the C4 X has 136 hp and 260 Nm of torque. That certainly does not make the C4 X a sprinter, but in real life it is more than enough. The main criticism therefore concerns not acceleration, but deceleration! Electric cars recover energy when releasing the throttle and the stronger the car then holds back, the more power is recovered. To give the C4 X as much as possible the familiar character of a petrol-engined car, the Citroën hardly holds back when releasing the right hand pedal and hardly recovers any energy either. Single-pedal driving is therefore absolutely impossible.

Citroen C4 X

Note that again, the DS 3 from the same parent company is the only one to have a more modern electric powertrain. It will later come to all other models, including this C4 X.

Road handling

Handling is determined by the so-called "Progressive Hydrolic Cushions". These are shock absorbers that have a different character depending on the situation (long or short bumps). Citroën promises that this makes the C4 (X) seem to float above the road surface, but this is too optimistic. However, the car does react to bumps with a certain delay, which gives it a calmness and grandeur that a standard suspension does not offer.

Citroen C4 X


How does Citroën combine an off-road vehicle, sedan and coupé? With great difficulty! The "X" in the name suggests a crossover, but in fact the C4 X is the sedan version of the C4. By modifying only the rear end, Citroën is responding to the demand for sedans from Africa and the Middle East without major investment. However: the classic sedan shape has been replaced by a slightly smoother line, which means Citroën is also giving the C4 X a chance in Europe.

The equipment, powertrain and driving characteristics of the Citroën C4 and C4 X are similar. The C4 (X) offers rich, modern equipment. Thanks to electric drive, unique shock absorbers and special seats, the C4 X offers above-average comfort.

  • Original design
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Hinges in boot can damage luggage
  • Climate control system never stops
  • Lots of tyre noise (depending on road surface)