27 October 2017
Citroen C4 Cactus

Citroen C4 Cactus

Citroen updates C4 Cactus

27 October 2017 - Citroën has unveiled the renewed C4 Cactus, its new compact hatchback. The car's styling is as bold and modern as ever - and it now gains enhanced status. New C4 Cactus is the first model in Europe to feature the brand's new suspension system with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions (PHC), creating a 'magic carpet ride' effect. It is also the first vehicle in the world to boast Advanced Comfort seats. With its unique personality, New C4 Cactus is set to shake up the market in the first quarter of 2018.

Citroën took inspiration from its technological heritage in terms of hydraulic suspension systems, reinterpreted this technical expertise and has now created a solution that is accessible to the greatest number of customers. New C4 Cactus is the first model in Europe to be equipped with the Citroën brand's new suspension system with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions (PHC), and the first in the world to feature Advanced Comfort seats.

Citroen C4 Cactus

Renewed C4 Cactus naturally expresses its distinctive nature through a new, broad and expressive front end, restyled wings and doors, and a new rear end design. It shakes up the conventional cues in the compact hatchback segment through its well-proportioned shape, forming a pure and powerful body profile. The model's 2.60m wheelbase and short overhangs ensure compact dimensions for excellent agility and handling, while providing all the spaciousness expected in this segment. It features classic Citroën graphic elements underscoring the body shape, including Airbump® panels on the lower parts of the doors, a floating roof, Citroën's signature two-tier front end and a broad 3D-effect LED light signature at the rear. New C4 Cactus offers 31 exterior customisation possibilities, with nine body colours and four Colour Packs allowing each customer to express their own individual personality. Inside, the uncluttered and welcoming cabin immediately inspires a feeling of serenity. No fewer than five* interior ambiances are on offer, providing a choice of bright, soft and refined finishes for the cabin.

The 2018 C4 Cactus takes advantage of all the components of the Citroën Advanced Comfort programme. It boasts extraordinary ride comfort thanks to the implementation of the new suspension system with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions (PHC), which filters out road imperfections and gives passengers the feeling of travelling on a magic carpet. It is also the first model in the world to feature Citroën's new Advanced Comfort seats. Similarly, New C4 Cactus makes a generational leap in terms of acoustic insulation and refinement. The New C4 Cactus also sees changes in terms of its equipment specification, thanks to the provision of 12 driver assistance systems and three connectivity technologies. The car's high-performance and efficient engines also contribute to the pleasure and peace-of-mind felt at the wheel.

The C4 Cactus embodies the essence of the original C4 Cactus design, with its unique attitude, overall composure and generous forms. It has now been updated to adapt to the cues of the C-segment with extra status and a new purity to its styling. At the rear, the body coloured tailgate is highlighted by new 3D-effect LED lights, lending it a more contemporary look. The sides of New C4 Cactus host the new Airbump® design, more slim-line than before and set lower on the doors, adapting to the hatchback styling whilst ensuring body protection at all times. The new model is modern and fresh, which will appeal to customers looking for something new and different in a compact hatchback.

New C4 Cactus has a robust stance, boasting an optimised architecture based on the PSA Group's PF1 platform. With a wheelbase of 2.60m, which is typical of most compact hatchbacks, the design ensures generous space for all passengers. With its compact exterior dimensions (4.17m long, 1.71m wide), and short front and rear overhangs, New C4 Cactus is truly versatile in town, in suburban areas and out on the open road.

The two-tier light signature, with new LED daytime running lights, means the front of the car looks striking and high-tech. The new headlights are set in gloss black surrounds for additional contrast and depth. In another classic Citroën graphic touch, the fog lamp surrounds can be personalised. The air intake grille is underlined by a chromed strip for more refinement.

Together with new slimmer Airbump panels on the lower parts of the doors. This combines to make the new model the most resistant to minor damage in the compact hatchback segment, which keeps vehicle repair costs down to a minimum. The new positioning of the Airbump® panels also boosts the vitality and prestige of the body styling, and enlivens the sides of the car with touches of colour.

The new 3D-effect LED rear lights are instantly recognisable, immediately attracting the eye and highlighting the width of the car. The new, broader lights extend into the body-coloured tailgate, giving the impression of width to the entire rear end. The body-coloured bumper matches the fluid curves of the sides and the tailgate, heightening the model's smooth and pure look.

The vents in the front and rear bumpers emphasise the impression of width and underscore the body's aerodynamics. They further strengthen the expressive nature of New C4 Cactus.

The C4 Cactus now features a low-set dashboard with refined tones and a horizontal design. The dashboard houses a central console and a fully digital instrument panel that displays all essential driving information grouped around the 7-inch touchscreen. The pure and uncluttered cabin immediately inspires a sense of ease and warmth. Designed for well-being and peace-of-mind, the interior is home to the 'Top Box' glove box, which is equipped with straps, buckles and an embossed pattern that is inspired by the world of travel. This same spirit applies to the straps that serve as door handles, inviting passengers to take to the road.

For a heightened sense of space and comfort, New C4 Cactus has a strong design expressed in graphic continuity throughout the cabin, notably in the form of a contrasting strip across the top of the seat backs. This graphic design feature, applied to the front and rear seats alike, lends a touch of refinement and originality.

All passengers benefit from a feeling of well-being and space thanks to the panoramic glass sunroof that features a high level of thermal protection. The sunroof is designed to let the light in, whilst guarding against glare. In fact, it blocks out heat and UV rays to the same degree as Category-4 sunglasses. With its thermal and acoustic protection, there is no need for a sun blind, which serves to maximise the available space as there is no loss of headroom. Weight is also reduced and the centre of gravity lowered.

The C4 Cactus cabin is home to numerous design touches with a gloss black finish, including the air vent surrounds, the ends of the dashboard, the lower central spoke on the steering wheel, the instrument panel and the 7-inch touchscreen surround, plus the new central console. These design schemes blend harmoniously with the satin chrome touches on the doors, the button panel under the 7-inch touchscreen, the gear lever surround on the new central console, the area around the door straps and on the Top Box. The new optional upholstery ambiances were selected for their soft and pleasant appearance.

Outside, C4 Cactus is eminently customisable and elegant, with a total of 31 exterior combinations. The palette of nine body colours highlights the cars personality with hues that are timeless (Polar White, Obsidian Black, Platinum Grey and Cumulus Grey), fresh (Sport Red, Tapenade Grey) and refined (Emerald Blue, Pearl White, Deep Purple). Four Colour Packs are available for customers looking to add even more style and elegance: Gloss Black, Chrome, Gloss White and Red. These restrained touches of colour contrast with the available body colours and subtly highlight the Airbump panels and the fog light surrounds.

For even more personalisation, customers can choose from a selection of five alloy wheels: Grey 16-inch SQUARE and Black 16-inch SQUARE wheels, for their purity and elegance, as well as Black 17-inch CROSS, Two-Tone Black/Alloy 17-inch CROSS and Two-Tone White/Alloy 17-inch CROSS wheels - the last two are diamond-cut for a truly high-end look.

Inside, the cabin materials are very inviting, particularly the dashboard which is covered in soft, textured material that coordinates with the seats. New C4 Cactus is available with five ambiances for customising the cabin:

  1. The Standard ambiance is clean and pure with Mica Grey cloth seat upholstery, a grey dashboard and grey armrests and straps on the doors.
  2. The Metropolitan Red ambiance heightens the impression of space through its light hues and refinement, with Beige Silica cloth seats with a dark red strip at the top, a dark red dashboard, beige armrests and beige straps on the doors and on the Top Box.
  3. The Wild Grey ambiance expresses more vitality and dynamism with Grey Silica cloth seats with a pale grey strip at the top, a grey dashboard, grey armrests and grey straps on the doors and on the Top Box.
  4. The Hype Grey ambiance boasts an elegant premium feel with Black Grained Leather seats, a grey dashboard, grey armrests and grey straps on the doors and Top Box.
  5. The Hype Red ambiance is all about exceptional prestige, with Beige Nappa Leather seats with a dark red Alcantara strip at the top, a dark red dashboard, beige armrests and beige straps on the doors and Top Box.

After the introduction of New C5 Aircross in China, the C4 Cactus is the first model in Europe to be equipped with a new suspension system that features Progressive Hydraulic Cushions (PHC), a Citroën innovation that will be rolled out on future models. Citroën's expertise in the field of suspension is undisputed. For 98 years, suspension comfort has been embedded in the brand's genes. Over the years, customers have grown attached to Citroën's renowned comfort, which is unique in the market. Drawing on its expertise and the know-how of its engineers, Citroën has developed the new suspension system to further improve the ride quality that is so typical of the brand.

Some 20 patents were filed in the development of the new suspension system. The way it works is quite simple. Whilst conventional suspension systems use a shock absorber, a spring and mechanical bump stops at each corner of the car, the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions (PHC) system adds two hydraulic stops on each suspension unit to replace the mechanical stops. There is one hydraulic stop for compression and one for decompression. The suspension therefore works in two stages to match how the car is being used.

For light compression and decompression, the springs and shock absorbers control the vertical movements, with no assistance required from the hydraulic stops. However, the presence of these new hydraulic stops means the engineers have greater freedom in the car's set up, allowing them to offer a 'magic carpet ride' with the impression that the car is gliding over uneven ground.

During major impacts, the springs and shock absorbers work together with the hydraulic compression or decompression stops that gradually slow the movement to avoid sudden jolts at the end of the range. Unlike a traditional mechanical stop, which absorbs energy and then returns part of it as a rebound, the hydraulic stop absorbs and dissipates this energy.

The C4 Cactus is equipped with the latest driver assistance systems, providing reassurance and safety in everyday use. They help to simplifying driving when needed, protect against drowsiness and moments of inattention and guard against the risk of accidents. These systems, displayed on New C4 Cactus's fully digital interface, stand as the initial move towards autonomous vehicles:

  • Active Safety Brake - Reduces the risk of a collision by braking in place of the driver. The multi-purpose camera at the top of the windscreen detects obstacles, for example a vehicle moving in the same direction or when stopped. The system engages the brakes automatically when a risk of collision is detected, from 3mph (5 km/h) to 52mph (85 km/h).
  • Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation - Recognises speed signs and displays the information on the instrument panel. The speed can be registered as an instruction for the speed limiter/cruise control with one simple instruction.
  • Lane Departure Warning System - Active at speeds of over 37mph (60 km/h), the system detects the accidental crossing of continuous or dotted white lines when the indicator has not been used. It warns the driver via a sound signal and visual alert on the instrument panel.
  • Coffee Break Alert - This feature prompts the driver to consider taking a break after they have been driving for two hours at speeds above 43mph (70 km/h).
  • Driver Attention Alert - Warns the driver when the system detects lateral movement relative to the road or lane margins using the multi-function camera at the top of the windscreen. The feature is especially suited to motorway use at speeds over 40mph (65 km/h)
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System - Lights in the door mirrors warn the driver if a vehicle is present in the blind spot on either side of the car.
  • Park Assist - Makes parking easier and safer. This system provides active assistance for parallel and perpendicular parking. On the driver's request, the feature automatically detects a parking space then safely steers the car into it.
  • Reversing Camera - When the driver selects reverse gear, a camera displays the rear view of the vehicle on the 7-inch touchscreen. The image is supplemented by colour reference points indicating proximity to any obstacles. This extended vision makes for easy manoeuvres.
  • Hill Start Assist - To make hill starts easier, this system prevents any undesired vehicle movement on inclines when the brake pedal is released. The function activates on inclines of over 3% by holding the vehicle in position for two seconds.
  • Front Fog Lights with Cornering Function - Depending on the angle of the steering wheel, the left or right fog light activates in addition to the main headlights to illuminate up to a 75° angle to the right or left of the vehicle. The system operates at speeds above 24mph (40 km/h).
  • Keyless Entry and Start - This system allows the driver to lock, unlock and start the car without taking the key out of their pocket.
  • Grip Control - Enables the vehicle to adapt its front wheel grip depending on the surface (snow, mud, sand etc.)

Citroën Connect Nav: A latest-generation 3D connected navigation system with a host of advantages. Combined with the 7-inch touchscreen, this system boasts voice recognition for controlling navigation, phone and media functions without the driver having to take their eyes off the road. The system comes with connected services such as TomTom Traffic (for real-time traffic information), fuel station and car park localisation and prices, weather information, and a local point-of-interest search function. Users will also appreciate the accident black spot alert feature.

Citroën Connect Box: Incorporating Citroën's Emergency & Assistance system, this important item of equipment links to a specialised assistance platform in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The C4 Cactus is available with the latest generation engines delivering top-class performance. The C4 Cactus is powered by PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engines featuring technologies for greater responsiveness (International Engine of the Year 2015, 2016 and 2017 for the PureTech 110 and PureTech 130) and BlueHDi diesel engines, which deliver reliability, low fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Petrol: The highest-performance version of New C4 Cactus is available with the turbocharged PureTech 130 S&S mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The PureTech 110, also turbocharged, is available with a 5-speed manual gearbox (PureTech 110 S&S manual) or the EAT6 6-speed automatic gearbox for maximum pleasure and comfort at the wheel (PureTech 110 S&S EAT6). The entry-level model is powered by the PureTech 82 with a manual gearbox.

Diesel: New C4 Cactus is available from launch with the BlueHDi 100 manual and the BlueHDi 100 S&S manual. In the autumn of 2018, it will be available with a diesel engine combined with an automatic gearbox, the BlueHDi 120 S&S EAT6, for high-mileage drivers preferring an automatic transmission.For world export markets, these seven engines are rounded off by the BlueHDi 100 S&S ETG6.