26 October 2020
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, date: 14 January 2009

Experience with 300C: Check this out: 2 years 45000 miles and having huge problems. Gearbox Oil Seal Replaced. Driver's door mirror: when selecting reverse the mirrors tilt, in this case the mirror tilts and tilts and stays in position when you go into drive.
When the vehicle is cold, realistically speaking, unable to reverse out of the drive, unless I run the vehicle at approximately 6000 rpm and then it's still a struggle (along with the embarrassment). All four wheels centre hubs badly decaying. Footplates, drivers and passenger decaying
Wiring loom hanging from the boot. Headlamp and HD bulbs replaced.
Reported in the early days: white smoke coming from the rear of the vehicle (less than 5000 miles).
Under vehicle: bottom part of the engine is plastered in engine oil. (25000 miles) Sump bolts have come loose and have had to be tightened twice. (25000 miles) Sump Gaskets blown (25000 miles) Oil switch recently had to be replaced. (38000 miles)

Experience with service (White label garage): Serviced well, mechanics just find fault after fault. Any advice would be more than welcome.

Year of build2006
Owned for1 years


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