9 May 2024

Caterham 485

Caterham launch 485 and 485 CSR Final Edition

9 May 2024 - Caterham has unveiled the Seven 485 and 485 CSR Final Edition (FE) for the European market. The models are an exclusive, limited edition of the brand's fastest production car ever built for Europe, which first hit European roads in 2014. Only 85 units of the celebratory model will be made available, 60 485 FE and 25 485 CSR FE, with prices starting from €67,495 excluding VAT and local taxes.

Every vehicle will come with the exclusive Final Edition finish, which showcases the very best specification available on the product while continuing to allow customers to customise a vehicle to their own taste.


The FE specification features Sports Hex Black, Alcantara and black leather seats with Final Edition embroidery, carbon dashboard, a fully carpeted interior, satin black stripes, black badging, a unique numbered plaque and a choice of five colours.

Both models come with a four-cylinder, naturally aspirated, Ford Duratec 2.0 litre engine, capable of revving up to a mighty 8,500 rpm, reaching 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and producing a top speed of 224 km/h. Ultimately making them the most powerful EU-6 compliant Sevens available.

The 485 FE is available in a standard and large chassis, while the 485 CSR FE is only available in the large chassis with inboard suspension.

In addition to the 485 and 485 CSR Final Edition, 10 units of the Seven 480 FE will be made exclusively available to the Japanese market.