7 August 2020
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, date: 2 March 2012

Experience with 1-Series : The car is excellent. I thought that because of the sport model I was going to have trouble with the bumpy streets of Mexico, but I was amazed that behaves very well.
The engine is superb. When in sport mode is does really respond, but be aware that the engine feels more comfortable at higher RPMs and you need to get the feel of the clutch and RPMs of the engine to enjoy the ride. At low RPMs it feels a little clumsy. The standard configuration has really excellent interiors and feels great to be in it. Be aware that this standard configuration (5.5 in display) only allows you to read your contact list, make phone calls, and use your music displaying album covers. But if you want to have Internet service in the display (using your data plan in your phone) then you need to add a few dollars for the 8in display.
All in all, this car is very valuable for what you get. Try looking at all the details the computer on board has, quality interiors, ride and handling, nice engine, great looking.

Derivative118i Sport Manual
Year of build2012
Owned for1 years
Mileage400 km


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