3 July 2008
Audi TT (2006 - 2014)

Audi TT (2006 - 2014)

B&B tunes Audi TTS sportscoupe up to 362 hp

3 July 2008 | The Siegen-based Audi expert B&B tunes the actual version of the TT. Performance values, which normally are preserved by high class sports cars, can be reached in 3 different stages (306, 324 and 362 hp). The acceleration duration 0-100 km/h is lowered to 4.6 seconds in the final stage, the while the topspeed is 280 km/h.

To reach these performance values, B&B mounts a special turbo loader, a sport exhaust system with a special pre exhaust system and a high performance sports catalyst as well as an electronical tuning. Additional to this, the air intake system and air cooling system are replaced. To keep oil temperature on the right level, B&B offers a special slim-line oil cooling system, to meet the tuned engine's requirements perfectly.

Audi TT (2006 - 2014)

To adjust the coupe`s optics and "overtake-prestige" to the driving performance, B&B mounts an aerodynamic bodykit in R8-style. B&B sport springs to lower the car`s height by up to 40mm which also reduce it`s declination, are also available. A special Chassis, adjustable in height, pull and push stages, which allows higher turning speed is also orderable.

A B&B 8-stroke high quality breaking system can be ordered, that allowes the TTS driver a safe feeling while driving. Exclusive Wheel sets in 19" and 20" finish the "Power-Audi's" appearance.

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